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is a thermal str8 the same as the japanese thermal hair straightening?

Question by Elene: is a thermal str8 the same as the japanese thermal hair straightening?
question says it all. i was looking around for salons that offer the japanese hair straightening around my area and i found one that offers the thermal str8 one.

has anyone heard of this? is it the same as the japanese one? thank you!
Sur La Mer, why the hell would you take the time to answer my question and NOT EVEN ANSWER WHAT I ASKED?

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Answer by Sur La Mer

I wouldn’t recommend them. There are many brands of hair straightening out there and they call them anyway they want to get your attention. Coco is another name brand. Some Japanese hair straightening processes can damage the hair and leave it flat and lifeless.
None is better than the other.

Keratin are not approved by the FDA. Visit their website & search for it in their web. If you’re thinking about the Brazilian treatment, there’s a danger about using formaldehyde, a chemical that causes cancer. The FDA does not restrict the use of that chemical in cosmetics.

Relaxers are for permanent, but they are damaging to hair.

Go to the FDA website & type in permanent or relaxers so you understand what are the side effects.…

Here’s the newest news:
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently seized tens of thousands of bottles of “Rio” hair relaxer products after determining they can cause severe hair loss or turn hair green.…

The FDA last month warned consumers not to use “Rio Hair Naturalizer Systems,” a product imported from Brazil and sold through television infomercials by World Rio Corp. of Los Angeles.

The official complaints against hair straightening products range from serious hair breakage and hair damage to serious scalp burns that may require an emergency room visit.

Example of what one suffering severe hair loss after Japanese Hair Straightening from YA HAIR:
I got my hair rebonded back in March and have lost more than a third of it since then. Everytime I run my hands through my hair, I lose 7-10 strands on average!
In the shower I lose clumps after shampooing and conditioning.
Bald spots are showing up in my hair.
I used to have beautiful thick hair, ho can I get it back?

Another ex: I used to have very curly, beautiful hair..and then i got it chemically straightened..DONT DO IT! when it started growing out, it was mess and even more difficult to work with than before. and once it was completely grown out, my hair was no longer is now this aweful wavy mess, and only certain spots are still curly.

I know hair. I have 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80′s & 90′s. I’ve known people in their 30′s whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70′s.

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Q&A: What products work really well to straithten hair?

Question by Amber: What products work really well to straithten hair?
I have naturally straight hair but its not like pin straight so I always straighten it, I see girls around and hey have pin straight hair not joke and hen I look at my hair and its not nearly as straight. What are some good products hat can get and keep my hair super super pin straight? I also heard that biosilk works good but I read that it was like a SHINE therapy I didn’t read anything about it helping your hair be super straight.

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Answer by Jane Winters
Products are mostly to help protect your hair when you want to straighten it. You can just get a good flat iron to straighten your hair or ask at a salon about a keratin treatment. There’s the Brazilian blow out, but I hear it’s unhealthy due to its formaldehyde content. That’s just something I’ve heard though. Research helps as does asking your hairdresser.

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What should i do with long thick straight hair?

Question by Malee: What should i do with long thick straight hair?
my hair is dark brown with no layers – so far it sounds good but sadly its not sleek asian straight its poofy frizy straight- i like long hair but is there some way to make this hair look good?
so im asking for any suggestions for a hairstyle:
and reccomendations on everyday do’s because its so hard to style thick hair – its too heavy to curl or bun makes fat plats and looks frizzy straight :/
please respond :)

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Answer by Samantha
Your hair colour is alright, but if you want you can dye it black if that would suit you, if not just leave it brown:)
You can get a hair cut, I use to have thick hair and I know how hard it is to style it with thick hair, get your hair layered and thinned out and get it styled, this would feel much better and easier to style.

For a everyday style, if your hair is cut in a nice way, should need much doing, but straightening it is always good. My personal favourite is backcombing it, I backcomb it slightly so it doesn’t look so slick and down.
Or somedays I curl one piece of my hair in the front and clip it do the side going to the back, its pretty easy and always looks good.

Just experiment with your hair or youtube some hairstyle tutorials, this is how I mainly learnt.

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What hair products do I use to wrap ethnic hair?

Question by Carmen: What hair products do I use to wrap ethnic hair?
I have Hawaiin hair. What type of hair products do I use? I tried olive oil mosse that was made for wrapping but it made my hair very dry. Any ideas?

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Answer by OMG LIZ

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For curly hair, is it necessary to use hair products specific to curly hair?

Question by My Clone: For curly hair, is it necessary to use hair products specific to curly hair?
I use Dove shampoo for dry hair that’s supposed to smoothen the cuticles. I use Pantene conditioner and anti-frizz serum too, but they’re not specifically for curly hair.

Actually, when I use these products, my hair is quite manageable and not overly frizzy (unless it happens to become very dry)… But is there any difference when you use curly specific hair products and when you use those for general hair types?

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Answer by Shirley
No, it’s not necessary to use certain hair products, but it’s recommended that you do to enhance curls. Other products just smooth down frizz, I believe.

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Q&A: How often is it okay to use a hair straightener?

Question by a lonely piece of the world..: How often is it okay to use a hair straightener?
I have wavy hair and it bugs me and I just got a brand new hair straightener. My hair is about 3-4 inches past my shoulders. I like using my hair straightener and have used it for 2 days now, but I’m not good at it yet and I only can get the first few sections in the front. :S Please give me any tips on how to get the back better. And also I have heard of how it can really damage/fry your hair if you use your straightener a lot. How often is it okay to use a hair straightener/curling iron? Thanks in advance! =]

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Answer by Dystany misses her Ryan<3
flip youre head towards the floor and let youre hair hang you can get it all and the back, or just pull the back parts foward. how often i dont know.

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