i need to know the best hair straightener for my type of hair?

Question by austin v: i need to know the best hair straightener for my type of hair?
im half black and of course my hair is very frizzy hair…. no matter what i use my hair is really frizzy! but what im really looking for is a nice hair straightener that will keep my hair looking nice through the whole day… and mabie some hair product that i can use before i straighten my hair so i wont burn it? thanks!

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Answer by Nadia
I’d say a Chi or an In-styler. small and easy to use. Plus a little fun to do !(:

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  • Nicole Wayman says:

    OMG dont use an Instyler…unless u DRENCH ur hair in heat protectant!!! I use to have gorgeous hair and i used the instyler and it damaged my hair in under 1 month..

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  • Sanny P says:

    Conair S3CS 2″ Profesional Ceramic Wet-Dry Straightener, Black and Red
    Ceramic plates deliver even heat for silky, shiny hair
    Omega curved plates allow 2-in-1 styling for straightening or finish with a flip
    30 seconds instant heat, 30 heat settings
    Auto shut off
    Professional swivel cord for easy use

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  • Kris Kelly says:

    If you want a professional hair straightener and you are ok with spending around $ 140 I would highly recommend the Karmin G3 Salon Pro, it heats up to 450f with temperature control, dual voltage, tourmaline ceramic plates with rounded edges which makes it great for also curling your hair. Also has a 3 year warranty. If you buy from they are also giving away a free heat matt/carrying case. If you do look at other irons make sure to stay away from irons with painted plates (colored plates) these can damage your hair.
    A little about plate quality:

    * Aluminum – 90’s and low quality, will stick to your hair and terrible results.

    * Colored Plates – Stay away from these, they may look nice but they are for show and they are not good for your hair.

    * Ceramic Plates – White or Yellowish color plate – These plates are good but they are older technology from around 2002. Many companies still use these as it is cheaper to manufacture than a tourmaline ceramic plate.
    * Titanium Plates – Gun Metal Grey color – These are great plates and provide great results. These and Tourmaline Ceramic plates are about the same in quality but work different with different hair types. You would need to try both to see which one provides the best results for your hair type.

    * Tourmaline Ceramic – Gun Metal Grey in color – These are currently the best plates on the market. currently I only see Karmin and Sedu using these plates. It appears all the other brands are focused on cutting costs by using the cheaper plates.

    Some features you should look for:
    * Variable Temperature Control (If you have thick hair make sure it heats up to at least 420F)
    * Swivel Cord
    * At least a 3 year warranty (most hair straighteners will die in the first year or two)
    * If you travel then make sure its dual voltage
    You can also check reviews at to see their ranking of the top 10 hair straighteners. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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