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Q&A: Organix Keratin 30 Day Treatment help ???! Ten points for best answer!?

Question by Sierra R: Organix Keratin 30 Day Treatment help ???! Ten points for best answer!?
Okay, so on Saturday I did the Organix Keratin 30 Treatment. If any of you have tried it, you know your supposed to blow dry your hair straight then straighten it to seal the cuticle. I have never blow dried my hair straight before, so it was a frizzy hot mess. I straightened it and it didn’t look any different then when I normally straighten it. I didn’t know how much product to put in my hair because all the box said was “do not saturate hair” so I didn’t put very much (I still have 3/4 of the bottle left). I washed it out today, and my hair is just as curly as it usually is. If I try to do the Organix treatment again today with the rest of the bottle, do you think my hair will fall out or something? And should I use the rest of the bottle (3/4 left)? And do you think it would work better if instead of blow drying my hair straight, if I just blow dried it then straightened it really good?
I have never dyed my hair, or used any chemicals on it other than this Organix treatment and it was only one time.
I’ve decided to try it again today since i’m leaving for Florida in like five days and I want straight hair for Florida. I put most of the rest of the bottle on my hair this time, so hopefully it works.

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Answer by sophiedelquie;_ylt=AiX.NsaNybBC6czyRXeVwGTty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110529143527AAarT3Y

please help me

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How can you get this sleek straight hair look? 10 points for best answer.?

Question by Sara: How can you get this sleek straight hair look? 10 points for best answer.?
This is the picture of a sleek straight hair look:

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Answer by ashley
if your hair is naturally curly:
1. when your hair is damp, put in straightening gel (TRESemme straightening gel) this helps make hair straight, soft, shiny, and protect it from the heat.
2. blow dry hair down. pull on each section to help it go straight, and you can use a brush to help it out.
3. do not scorch your hair with high temps on your straightener. Go a little hotter than what you normally use and SLOWLY straighten your hair. take sections of your hair and straighten it slowly moving from top to bottom. when you get to the ends, hold it there a split second longer. then go over that same section once more a little faster.
4. if your hair holds, great. if not, spray with a LIGHT hair spray… just barely. and quickly run your fingers to get the snarls out and run your straightener over everything once more really quick.

you should have super straight hair just like that picture :]

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Q&A: Chi products- help? best answer 10 pts!?

Question by ilovetosing24: Chi products- help? best answer 10 pts!?
so i have the 44 iron guard, silk infusion, enviro hairspray, and keratin mist. i straighten my hair about 5 times a week. which order should i use this in? i shower at night, put in keratin mist while my hair is wet. then i let it air dry. the next day i use the iron guard, straighten, tame flyaways and smooth with the silk infusion, and finally use a little bit of the hairspray to keep it all in place. is this putting too many products in my hair? theyre all from a good line, and theyre meant to make my hear healthier and stronger, so i dont want to do any damage. am i using them in the right order?

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Answer by SydneyyAnn;]
Hey I have the same stuff minus the hairspray. :D
I use it in that exact order too, I’ve been doing it for a long time and my hair DOES feel a little healthier.
My most favorite from that line is definitely the silk infusion. You can also use that as a protectant spray and on wet hair if you feel like it. Yes, your order is fine. :)

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