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Symmetrical and distinct, expect to see it everywhere this season.

Choosing to cut a shorter hairstyle sometimes brings with it a slight element of apprehension and a slew of questions: crucially, how long will it take to grow out if I hate it? Layers, length, hair texture and health all play into answering this question, too. Then, this year, along came a hairstyle that bridges the gap between mid-length and truly short hair: the midi bob. Somewhere in-between chin and shoulder length, the versatile haircut proved a good place to start when switching styles up. 

Now, though, comes an ever-so-slightly more dramatic haircut: the curtain bob. Similar to the midi, it spans the space between short and long hair and suits all face shapes and hair textures, but it maintains a distinct, symmetrical silhouette that drapes both sides of the head equally.

“New on the scene and one for those ready for a dramatic change is the curtain cut,” explains  Tom Smith, hair stylist, presenter and Evo international creative director. “No longer reserved for a 90s boy band member, this chic and minimal cut is extremely flattering in the way it frames the face, particularly for those with a longer neck due to the crisp contrast of the horizontal line of the haircut and the long vertical necklines.

“This cut can also be adjusted for those unwilling to lose their length by creating a longer bob – just keep those ends tucked forward.”

A tip: “To keep the edges of this cut crisp and sharp, use a straightening iron (my go-to is Cloud Nine, which has easy-to-use temperature controls to adjust to your needs) and slightly turn the ends under and toward the face. The trick here is to use smooth, slow movements. If you don’t get it perfect straight away, let the section cool before trying again,” advises Smith.

So, if you’re ready for something new or, like me, just like to fantasise about cutting your hair into hundreds of different styles, peruse our curtain bob mood board below.

  1. 1.

    Blonde curtain bob

  1. 2.

    Copper curtain bob

  2. 3.

    Bronde curtain bob

  3. 4.

    Noirette curtain bob

  4. 5.

    Braided curtain bob

  5. 6.

    Brunette curtain bob

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