SCORE blimey! Many Love Island babes have been awarded top marks in a study that rates beauty using a mathematical formula dating back centuries.

Amber Davies, Cally Jane Beech and Camilla Thurlow are among the Love Island girls that fared better than others when the Golden Ratio was applied to the measurements of their faces.

While Dani Dyer, India Reynolds, Leanne Amaning and Soph Piper also have perfect facial features, according to the theory.

The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for all things when they approached perfection.

The Golden Ratio is a way of measuring physical perfection; the idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes.

The mathematical equation – known as Phi – sees the ideal face proportions as 3:2:3.

It is worked out by analysing the forehead to nose to nose to chin areas.

Khatra Paterson, owner of KP Aesthetics, compiled a list to see how Love Island stars' faces scored, according to the formula. 


This star’s face is scientifically "perfect" – with a rating of 3:2:3, using the Golden Ratio equation.

Medical aesthetics expert Khatra believes Amber Davies, who won Love Island back in 2017 has a face that ‘oozes beauty’ and is ‘perfectly proportionate’ with the ratio. 

She says: “Amber’s face is perfectly proportionate to the golden ratio. 

“Her petite size oozes beauty with her three facial segments of equal proportion as well as the length of her face being 1.5 times longer than it is wide. 

“Another feature of Amber that contributes to defining a beautiful person’s face is that her ears are the same length of her nose, creating a symmetrical balance.”


Meanwhile Khata also analysed Islander Cally Jane Beech’s face and she says she has ‘symmetrical facial anatomy.’

The star, who appeared on the first series of the ITV2 dating show back in 2015, has ‘striking features’.

Khatra comments: “Although the first thing most people will notice about Cally is her contrasting blue eyes with raven hair, it’s also her symmetrical facial anatomy that compliments these striking features.

“The length is equal in proportion from her forehead, nose and lower face and her high cheekbones add to her beautification.”


Camilla Thurlow, who found love on the show in 2017, has a diamond-shaped face, says Khatra. 

The expert analysed the Islander’s face and said her proportions match up perfectly, according to the Golden Ratio. 

She says: “Camilla’s diamond shaped face is balanced and creates harmony with the Golden Ratio.”

DANI DYER – 3:2:3  

Also joining the list of female Islanders with facial perfection is Dani Dyer, who won Love Island back in 2018. 

Khatra comments: “Dani’s golden ratio is not lost with her sweet round face. 

“Her three facial segments are equal in length and also proportionate with the width.”


Love Island beauty India Reynolds, who stole the hearts of the nation on the show back in 2019 on series 5, has the perfect Golden Ratio of facial features. 

Khatra shares: “India has the perfect Golden Ratio of three equal segments as well as a length exactly 1.5 the width of her face. 

“Her gorgeous smile continues to create symmetry and balance; creating the ideal beauty.”


Starring in the hit ITV2 dating show last year in series 6, Leanne Amaning, has a beautiful face with a ‘harmonized’ ratio. 

The aesthetics expert says: “Leanne’s oval face shape creates a golden ratio of three equal segments and a harmonized ratio of length vs width.”


Sister of the stunning Rochelle Humes, Sophie Piper, from Love Island series 6, has a ‘balanced Golden Ratio’ face perfection. 

Khatra comments: “Just like her beautiful sister, Sophie’s oval-shaped face creates a balanced golden ratio over all three segments and it’s 1.5 times longer than it is wide. 

“Her nose and ears appear to be in symmetry with their length, contributing to her beauty.”

DEMI JONES – 3:2:2

Love Island babe Demi Jones, also from series 6, has an ‘oval-shaped face’, says Khatra.

The expert shares: “Demi’s oval face shape creates a golden ratio of three equal segments and a harmonized ratio of length vs width.”


Meanwhile blonde beauty Harley Brash, from series 5 in 2019, has a ‘sweetheart shaped’ face, affecting her Golden Ratio measurements. 

Khatra says: “Harley’s petite frame is mirrored on her face with petite features. 

“Her mid and lower face are smaller in ratio, creating a sweetheart shape.”


Love Island beauty Molly-Mae Hague from series 5 has a ‘desirable heart-shaped face’, according to the Golden Ratio.

Khatra says: “Molly-Mae has delicately pretty features, accentuated with her desirable heart shaped face.

“However a ratio that is typical with a heart face shape sees the lower section of the face being smaller in length than the upper sections. 

“Molly-Mae still holds her beauty with her length vs width ratio being in proportion as well as an overall balance and harmony.”


Islander Shaughna Phillips, from series 6, has a diamond face shape, with her facial symmetry adding to her beauty. 

Khatra comments: “Shaughna has a diamond face shape, with a gorgeous curve to the chin; it adds a more balanced ratio to her face. 

“Although it isn’t a perfect golden ratio, her symmetrical and balanced features add to her beauty.”


Love Island star Yewande Biala, from series 5, also has a diamond face shape, like fellow Islander Shaughna. 

Khatra says: “Yewande’s diamond face shape and big beautiful smile creates a slightly larger lower face area, with her cheekbones also creating a striking look.”

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