WHEN it comes to stocking up your make-up bag, good products can often rack up the costs, so we're all for a good dupe to keep our beauty must-haves on a budget.

And one TikTok user Amelia Olivia (@ameliaolivia09) is raving about a budget Primark dupe of Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enrich Face Base that is worth £45.

Beauty fan Amelia Olivia came across the dupe and headed to her local Primark to snap up their Vitamin Enriched Moisturising Primer that they claim is almost 'exactly the same' as the Bobbi Brown luxury product.

The best bit is, it's a fraction of the price – only costing £4.50.

Amelia shared a video of her testing out the two products – that has since been watched nearly 400k times online – and covered one side of her face with the Bobbi Brown base and the other with the Primark primer.

Showing off the two products to fellow beauty lovers, she said excitedly: "Primark do a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Face Base and it's only £4.50.

"This is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and Primark's is called the Vitamin Enriched Moisturising Primer… I went out this morning, bought it, so let's test it out."

Applying each product to a different side of the face, she explained: "I've just applied the Bobbi Brown to this side and as you can see it's literally the exact same colour."

Comparing the two, she said of the Primark primer: "This doesn't have a scent – like if you use this one [Bobbi Brown] you know it's just such a nice smell."

"It literally feels like the same texture… so yeah this one [Primark] feels a little bit thicker, but it feels nice," Amelia said.

"It feels so good. It's blended out and it mainly feels the same… they feel exactly the same and just look amazing on the skin."

To make it a fair test, she then grabbed her favourite foundation to apply on top of both base products in a follow-up video.

Speaking about Primark's version, she said: "It did provide a really nice base, it's exactly how I want my skin to feel when I apply my make-up, it's just that perfect, soft, silky texture."

Comparing the two sides, she gave her verdict and revealed: "I'm not even joking I think I prefer the Primark side, I think it's a dupe. it is a dupe look how flawless that side looks, it looks the same as this one."

Beauty fans didn't need convincing, as hundreds commented on her video, with many stating how badly they wanted to snap up Primark's budget primer for themselves.

"I'm gonna go mad if I can't find this soon fml!!! We gonna have to go everyday until it stocks (sic)," wrote one person.

Another commented: "Omg Ineed it," while a third said: "Omg what."

One more joked: "Looks like we're off to Primark."

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