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A variation on the popular baby braid trend, bubble braids, as worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Griff, are gaining in popularity. 

If you only thought there was only one type of bubble braid (worn close to the face and miniature in design), allow me to enlighten you: there are over 10 different types of bubble hair. A variation on the baby braid trend loved by Hailey Bieber and Laura Harries, bubble braids are a fun, easy way to elevate simple styles. 

Characterised by ponytails, pigtails, and french braids, and separated into equal sections using hair ties, scrunchies, clips, and ribbons, bubble braids are a throwback to the intricate hair designs of the early 00s – back when Mary-Kate and Ashley ruled the world.

Now, if the intricate design seems fussy, stick with me. There are ways to make it appropriate for work and play, as well as the amount of time you’re willing to spend. Read on for 10 ways to make bubble hair part of your style repertoire this year. 

1. Mini bubble braids


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2. Round bubble braids


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3. Bubble braid ponytail


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4. Puff bubble braids


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5. Low bubble braids


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6. Mid bubble braids


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7. High bubble braids


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8. Pulled-back bubble braids


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9. Bubble braids with hair dividers


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10. French plait bubble braids


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