THESE incredible pictures are blowing people's minds as they can't quite work out what is going on.

The images appear to be 2D at first glance – as if someone had simply sketched the room's features on paper.

That is until you see real life people in the room, making them appear out of place.

The black and white images are actually of a cafe in St Petersberg, Russia where visitors can feel as if they're in the pages of a a colouring book.

Images of the venue show the striking interior, which appears to have been transformed with beautiful 'pictures' of a stage – complete with drums, guitar, accordion and microphone – and another room with a vanity mirror, tables and chairs.

Director of the BW Kafe, Minaeva Kristina, explained it can almost feel like visitors are transported to another cartoon-like reality – and it really looks incredible.

She said: “BW Kafe is an unusual-looking café with venues in Moscow and Sankt Petersburg which look like the setting of A-ha’s famous 'Take on Me' video."

And added: "The café is in a 2D style and visitors find themselves in another reality, like a cartoon character."

The style has proven popular around the world, with another café inspiring owner, Solbon Namsaraev, to transform his own business.

He said: "Once I saw a photo of a similar café interior I got inspired, found artists, premises and opened my black and white café in Russia”

He added: "Coming to a café for the first time means getting a lot of positive emotions and unusual photos.

"Guests write that they are delighted with the interior and photos in the café."

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