CLEANING fanatics are raving about Primark’s cleaning cloths which they’ve dubbed ‘Priminkys’, as they look just like the Mrs Hinch’s essential. 

Cleaning queen Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, often raves about Minky sponges, which cost £2.50 each. 

But eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed primark is selling a near-identical version for a fraction of the cost, with theirs only £2 for a pack of two – working out to £1 each. 

After Primark re-opened earlier this month people have been flocking back to the department store, and stocking up on their cleaning supplies. 

Their range also includes a colour-coded pack of cloths labelled glass, dust, floor and polish for £3, and a four-pack of multi-coloured sponges for £1.50. 

Sharing their find online, one Mrs Hinch fan posted on Instagram: “I had to pop in today and check out the @primark.home range and walked away with the 2 pack of anti bacterial cleaning sponges (Priminky) which I’ve resisted buying for so long but after seeing so many amazing reviews I thought why not give them a try #sorrynotsorry.

“I also purchased the 4 pack of multipurpose sponges (the pastel colours are amazing) and finally a 5 pack of multipurpose microfibre cloths which to be fair, you can never have too many of.

“These are the first cloths I’ve had which are labelled for glass, dust, all purpose, floor and polish and I can’t wait to see how they perform.” 

Hundreds of cleaning fans have liked the post, desperate to get their hands on a ‘Priminky’. 

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One person said: “Wow, these look great!”

Another wrote: “I need to try their range as I've always loved their microfiber cloths!”

A third thought: “Love it priminky.. I have these and they are brilliant.” 

Someone else commented: “I'm going primark today going to try and find these.” 

Another raved: “Absolutely love this range!”

While someone else added: “I bought these, find it super helpful that the cloths label what each one is for.”

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