A CLEVER dad has revealed his genius hack to stop your sleeping kid’s head from falling forward in their pram – and people can’t believe they didn’t think of it earlier. 

We’ve all been there – you’re drifting off while sitting in the car or on the sofa, only to feel your head slowly slipping forward.

But one dad has come up with a 'genius' idea to help your kids avoid neckache when doing the same in their prams – and you won’t need to splash out on any pricey products or gadgets. 

Instead, Cole Castellano suggested using the hood of your child’s sweatshirt to hold their head in place – an idea that many parents are labeling as ‘genius’. 

Sharing a video of her husband using the hack on their eldest son Enzo, his wife Maddie said: “If your baby falls asleep and their [head] is falling forward, use a sweatshirt to hold it up! Works every time.”

During the 14-second reel, Enzo is seen napping while sitting upright in his pram. 


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His head is tilted to the side and slowly sliding forward, until his dad puts the hood of his sweatshirt over his head and forehead. 

Making sure it’s not covering his eyes or mouth, he secures it around his forehead, before slowly pulling the hoodie back towards the pram handles, which slowly pulls his head back. 

He then, using the arms, secures the hoodie to one handle, helping keep his son's head in place. 

Fans loved the savvy hack, with the video gaining more than 46,800 likes and 1.8 million views. 

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Known online as @maddiecastellano, the mum regularly shares her top parenting tips with her 1.6 million followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Cole, dad of the year.”

Someone else put: “Dad you are a genius!!”

A third added: “I used to just wheelie the pram.”

“Wish I knew that 20 years ago” added another.

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