She’s taken TikTok by storm but Hailey Bieber may not be able to take all the credit for her latest beauty look.

The model recently took to Tiktok to showcase how she’s been lining her lips for autumn, which is being dubbed the ‘glazed brownie’ lips.

The stunning combo has cosy warm brown tones and follows the same ‘glazed’ style as many of her previous masterpieces.

In a recent TikTok, the 25-year-old demonstrates how she lines her lips with a brown lip liner, before adding more to her lower lip and cupid’s bow, then smudging it in.

She then adds a gloss over the top – choosing Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment, from her own range.

However Tiktokers weren’t happy with Hailey, accusing her of taking credit for a lip combo already popular with people of colour since the 90s.

the lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall 😍🤎 @rhode skin

Critics suggested that the look stemmed from the ‘Chola’ aesthetic synonymous with Mexican-American women. Within this subculture, heavily defined eyebrows and lips are typical, with dark liner used to create a bold outline to the lips

One user commented below Hailey’s video saying: ‘My chola tias have been doing this FOREVER but when they do it it’s “ghetto”.’

Another said: ‘Every Latina did this at some point in their life!’

Other followers jumped to Hailey’s defence and pointed out that she never took credit for coming up with the look but rather that she said she likes the combo.

So far, she hasn’t addressed the backlash.

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