The future of eyewear is here, as Huawei and Gentle Monster continue their collaboration to deliver a new range of touch control glasses. Following on from last year’s release, the duo is now offering a 12-piece collection that disguises the futuristic tech inside traditional frames, with styles ranging from bold and round wayfarer-like pairs to aviators and more.

Huawei and Gentle Monster’s new frames feature touch control and speakers on the arms. Wearers are able to play, pause, skip, and reverse back to previous songs by tapping or swiping the right arm, and can adjust the volume on the left arm.

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Furthermore, when you put your glasses on in the morning, it will inform you about your daily itinerary using the in-built speakers. The battery is improved by around 40 percent, making for five hours of music playback and three-and-a-half hours of calls. Lastly, a full charge is achieved in one hour.

The Huawei x Gentle Monster collection can be pre-ordered now on Gentle Monster’s Chinese mainland website. Take a closer look at the pairs above.

In related news, Gentle Monster has also just unveiled a collection with Diplo.
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