BEFORE you book your summer travel or make plans with friends to meet at a resort with day passes, you need to remove one item from your vacation activity list.

It's a bit of pool fun that sounds relaxing, but one person says that gross guest behavior ruined her experience.

Vancouver-based food reviewer Whitney shared snaps from her luxury vacation on TikTok. One clip, in particular, caught people's attention.

"Vacation pro tip: do not hang out in the pool where the swim-up bar is," Whitney said, showing footage of a crowded pool.

Adults sat at the bar and tables with drinks in hand, partially submerged in the water. They looked relaxed, and Whitney explained why.

"There are literally intoxicated guests admitting that they're peeing in the pool here," she said.


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In the caption, she added another gross detail.

"One girl didn’t understand why some people were leaving the pool to use the washroom."

In the comments section, some were disgusted by the clip and the guests' behavior, while others sheepishly admitted they had been "that person."

"The amount of people admitting peeing in a pool in this comment section disgusts me," read the top-ranked comment.

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"Real pro tip, be the first to do it," another viewer joked. "Chess not checkers."

Some argued that pool chemicals would keep the water sanitary, but plenty of others said the water was still too gross.

"There's so much chlorine," an exasperated viewer wrote. "You're fine."

In response, a different person said "that is like saying there's water in the toilet," so it's ok to "rinse your hands" in the dirty water.

One person made a compelling argument: that at least with a bar pool, the clientele was all adults.

"At other pools, the kids never get out," they said, letting readers read into the gross implications.

In a follow-up video, Whitney shared her final verdict on swim-up bars.

"I understand there's urine in any pool you go to," she said to the camera.

"There's people sitting there from four to six hours without leaving. They just want to save their spot."

Meanwhile, in other pools, guests will get in and out to play games, grab food, or move on to other activities, making it far more likely that they'd head to dry land for a bathroom break.

To make her point clear, Whitney posed a hypothetical question to her followers.

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"Would you rather be in a pool that 20 to 30 people are peeing in, or a pool that two to five people are peeing in?"

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