A WOMAN revealed the perfect hack to keep your boobs secure, even if you hate bras.

Not only does the hack allow you to ditch your undergarments, you probably already have the items you need on hand.

In a video shared on Pinterest, the unnamed woman said going braless isn't always an option.

"I'm all about freeing the nip, but some days, you know, you kinda just need to feel a little bit more secure."

For this hack, the woman grabbed the removable inserts from her bikini tops, which she said most swimsuits have.

"If you just place the pads in your top, they won't stay in place," the woman said.

Instead, she peeled the first cloth layer on the bikini insert to reveal the foamy side.

Next, all you have to do is place the foamy side of the pad facing your top and it should stick to the fabric.

And voila! You're left with secure boobs without having to actually wear a bra.

The woman herself demonstrated the hack on her top, and the pads were completely unnoticeable.

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