A WOMAN has decided to challenge herself by ditching her bra.

She was pretty pleased with the result, and it would seem others were, too.

Plenty of commenters pitched in with their affirmations of support for the decision.

Toni (@tonicamille69) certainly looked pretty pleased.

This lady already has a following of over 64,000 and another 400,000 likes.

Her TikTok regularly features Toni posing in swimwear.

She also has fun in other posts where her wicked sense of humor comes into play.

In a recent post, she wore a barely concealed grin.

She had on a cropped, midriff-baring green T-shirt.

Her blond, corkscrew hair was effortlessly casual.

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She set out on the challenge she had promised to fulfill.

It was a no-bra one.

But she wanted followers to let her know if she had done enough and passed.

Judging by the enthusiasm of the comments, it was pretty clear she had.

“Yeah, you won," said one fan.

“Holy damn," said another.

One stunned person could manage to say only two words: “Oh wow."

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