A MEMBER of the free the nipple movement said going braless has actually made her boobs appear perkier, rather than saggier.

After realizing why this happens, you might be inclined to ditch your bra too, despite the fact that people may call you wild.

Jessica Larson (@awaken_the_wild) is a spirituality, womb awakening, cycle syncing, and feminine embodiment coach who recently moved to Costa Rica.

It was there that she came to her revelation about bras.

“Quite literally, one of the most random and most unexpected benefits of moving to Costa Rica: perky boobs,” she began in the clip.

“My boobs have quite literally gotten perkier since moving here.”


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Her theory as to why this happened has to do with chest muscles.

“Since I moved here, I have stopped wearing a bra. I legitimately never wear them.

“When I do, it’s a very light sports bra when I’m doing yoga or working out, but definitely no underwire bras. Those have not happened in a long time.”

Noticing a correlation, she began doing research on the topic.

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“And it turns out, that this is actually a thing.

"Apparently wearing bras with underwire can actually cause your breasts to sag more because they start to rely on that underwire support.

“Versus, if you just have to rely on your own support, they actually stay perkier.”

Discussing the negative connotation that society places on women who go braless, she said we’ve been conditioned to think bras are better for us than they are.

“It’s very frowned upon if you see a woman without a bra because then she’s clearly a ‘wild woman,’” she said dismissively.

On the contrary, Jessica never felt better about her boobs since freeing the nipple.

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