AFTER discovering that she’d been wearing a bra several sizes too small for her entire adult life, this woman shares her tips for how to check if your bra actually fits.

Tiktok user Grace says she got a “big shock” a few weeks ago when she was told she had H-cup boobs at a bra fitting.

Now over half a million people have liked her video detailing how to tell if your bra fits properly.

She specifically outlines what to look out for when checking if your bra is the right size.

The first thing to check, she says, is the band.

If your bra fits, the band should go straight across your back and it shouldn’t ride up at all.

The second thing to check about your band is how much far you can pull the band away from your body with your fingers.

“I’m just barely able to fit my fingers in it, but it’s not pulling out very far”, says Grace. 

This is a good sign – it means your band is supporting you properly.

“You get a LOT of support from your band”, Grace explains.

Next, it’s vital to have a look at the bit between the cups, which is called the “gore”.

Grace says: “You want it to sit flat on your chest, NOT pop up.”

Of course, cup size is also super important for a proper and comfortable fit.

At the sides of your cups, there should be absolutely no side boob.

“Lets talk cups. Side boob shouldn’t be a thing with the right bra. That should be covered”, Grace advises her viewers.

And from the front, your boobs shouldn’t stick out over the top of your cups.

Grace explains: “You shouldn’t have any bubbling over of tissue. If your boob’s spilling out, you don’t have the right bra.”

Finally, it’s time to check the fit of your bra straps.

You should be able to fit two fingers between your shoulder and your strap, but you should not be able to pull the straps up high above your shoulder.

Commenters were totally mind-blown by Grace’s bra checking tutorial.

“WAIT MINE IS 100% THE WRONG SIZE OMG”, said one amazed commenter.

Another wrote: “GIRRLLL!! You changed my life! You inspired me! To my surprise I was not a 38C I am a 36DD! My entire life is better.”

“My mind is blown. I need to be fitted”, wrote one inspired viewer.

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