A MAN has been inundated with praise after revealing how he's saved a whopping £42k on rent by transforming his motorhome into a tiny house.

Bailey explained how he and his wife Nicole were renting their first home when they had an unexpected text from their landlord telling them he was selling the house.

With only a few weeks to find somewhere else, and rental options costing up to a whopping £3.2k per month in the nearby area, the couple decided to turn creative.

They sold much of what they owned and decided to invest in a motorhome which they've since transformed into a tiny home – and it seems the pair couldn't be happier.

In a clip shared to TikTok, Bailey says: "When you live in an RV that feels like a condo so you can actually save and invest your money rather than pay a landlord every month."

Alongside the caption, he penned: "I would have paid £42k to my landlord form when I moved into my RV until now.


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"But now I'm in control."

As Bailey shows his social media followers around the inside of his motorhome, a voice over can be heard in the background saying: "It's giving boujee as well, it's giving mind your business, it's giving it's my money."

The video has since gone viral, garnering a whopping 1.9 million views and several comments from social media users.

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"I bought a condo in 2014 then a house in 2019," wrote one.

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"I've never paid my mortgage, my roommates pay it for me.

"Now that condo pays me £2k passive income."

A second enthused: "Looks great and sounds like a good idea!"

A third praised: "Yay you! Pursuit of happiness, however one defines it, is the name of the game!"

Bailey replied: "Exactly! Whether that be a house, RV< it's all one's personal goals and journey."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Very very nice."

Another added: "You're living your best life! You and your family are creating great memories."

And one more chimed in: "It's beautiful!"

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