SOME cleaning experts have shared how often everyone should be doing specific tasks around the home. 

Purdy and Figg, a company that sells cleaning products that are better for the environment, were quizzed by one of their social media followers on what they should be doing at certain times. 

The company, who can be found on TikTok at @purdyandfigg, then made a helpful video breaking down the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning duties. 

The daily list included making the bed, ensuring clothes and clutter are cleared and put away, plus wiping down surfaces.

The weekly one was slightly longer, and included some surprising things that some of their followers said they weren't doing every seven days.

At the top of the list was cleaning the fridge, closely followed by dusting and vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.

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Completing the weekly instalment was doing the laundry, changing bedding and swapping for clean bedsheets, washing towels and mopping floors.

Meanwhile, the monthly part of the video showed how it was important to deep clean both your washing machine and your dishwasher. 

Sofas and rugs also shouldn’t be neglected as they should be cleaned thoroughly every single month.

Lastly, the oven should also be deep cleaned twelve times a year.

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This is Purdy and Figg’s latest video sharing helpful home hacks and industry tricks and tips. 

Their latest posts have included things like three ways you can use shaving cream to clean. 

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The first is to polish up stainless steel, while it is also a great way of cleaning upholstery.

The final way to use shaving cream around the home is to totally remove stains from mattresses by simply rubbing it into the material. 

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