BOUQETS of flowers are not only a nice gift but they can become a colorful centerpiece in your home, at least for a few days.

The only downside to these romantic decorations is they can have an extremely short lifespan.

Instagram user Brunch With Babs shared an easy hack to keeping your flowers looking fresh for longer.

In her video, the gardening expert told her followers that her "secret ingredient" to prolonging the life of her flowers is bleach.

By adding a capful of bleach to a quart of lukewarm water, Babs said: "your cut flowers are going to last twice as long because of that capful of bleach."

She continued: "That's going to kill all those nasty organisms."

Babs' fans took to the comment section to praise the "nifty hack", one person called it a "game changer."

"Wow! I had no idea," wrote one viewer.

"Babs, you genius!!" said another comment.

A third follower joked: "I'll make sure to do this on Mother's Day and my birthday and Valentine's Day. The 3 days I get flowers"

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One comment suggested a rather pricey alternative if you find yourself in a pinch: "If you don't have bleach, vodka works too."

"I think vinegar does the same thing," said another viewer.

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