IF YOU are looking to cut down on your food shopping, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Tom Church, the Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk recently took to the official Latest Deals social media account to share which supermarkets have the cheapest food.

So if the cost-of-living crisis has put a strain on your finances and you are eager to keep the costs down where possible, you’ll want to listen up.

Tom headed to all of the popular supermarkets, to hunt down which shops have the best-priced items.

He said: “[Nine] ways to beat the cost of living crisis.”

Tom explained in his TikTok clip: “Lidl’s beans are the cheapest at any supermarket, 26p.

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“Aldi spaghetti is 28p.

“2kg of potatoes, just 95p at M&S. It’s cheaper than Aldi.

“Asda’s beef lasagne is only 90p.

“1kg of carrots, 50p at Tesco, which is 6p cheaper than Aldi.

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“Scotch pancakes, 45p at Lidl.

“Chicken soup, 24p at Asda.

“Cheese and tomato pizzas are 75p at Aldi.

“Aldi spaghetti hoops are only 16p.” 

Tom’s clip has quickly amassed a whopping 522.9k views.

It has 47.4k likes, 478 comments and 897 shares.

However, many social media users pointed out that having to drive to each supermarket would end up costing more money than the cash you would save. 

One person said: “I spent £90 on fuel driving around all the different supermarkets to save £3.16 on the items.” 

Another added: “So I gotta go to 4 different shops to get dinner and breakfast.” 

A third commented: “Sometimes the cheapest version isn’t the nicest, cost of living crisis or not.” 

A fourth admitted: “I would feel like a complete dog to go to 5 different stores for each item.”

Meanwhile, another shopper chimed in: “My Aldi sell 1.5kg of carrots for 38p.” 

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However, one shopper enjoyed the clip and noted: “Please do more of these!” 

Whilst another TikTok user revealed: “But sometimes it's cheaper to just stick to one store. I am also surprised M&S on this list.”

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