LIKE with fashion changing almost every week, interior trends too come and go, and some of them should definitely remain in the past.

At least, this is how one interiors guru feels, listing the worst house trends from each decade – and unfortunately, one of them is already making a comeback.

The whizz, Phoenix Grey, better known to his fans as Design Daddy (@mrphoenixgrey) on TikTok, urged people to steer clear of these, as some of them are ''criminal''.

The video started off strong with something known as caning – weaving furniture out of a wicker material that is derived from cane.

''It was everywhere – on your walls, ceiling, cabinet. One of the worst but most popular choices,'' Phoenix described the hit trend of the 1950s, before moving onto the next decade.

''The '60s was your popcorn ceilings, historically made of chalk and wallboard compound.

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''There is nothing worse than this one,'' the interior expert noted.

What about the fun 1970s? Those born around this time will remember the iconic avocado green and pink colours plastered on every wall.

Despite making it on the ''worst trends'' list, these colours are already making a comeback, albeit in more muted hues.

''Back in the '70s, they even had the matching colour appliances,'' said Phoenix.

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The following decade, the loud 1980s, saw people going berserk over balloon valances.

''These window treatments were the hottest of their time and honestly, they looked like s**t," he said.

''The '80s also got the introduction to the silk bedsheets and they realised what a terrible idea it is when they realised how much heat was retained here.".

Phoenix the moved onto the '90s and if you were kid back then, you're still probably traumatised by the textured wall paint.

''Honestly, this trend made it look like you just didn't have enough paint to walls," he said.

''This decade was also huge on the yellow stained wood.''

Horrified after taking a trip down the memory lane, the whizz said in the caption: ''There are so many more for each decade, but these ones are criminal.''

But despite hating on all of these, social media users seemed to be quite fond of the trends, with one chuckling: ''Me looking at our yellow stained wood cabinets and popcorn ceiling.''

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''Justice for green and pink,'' someone else demanded.

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