AWOMAN who posts TikTok videos inspiring others to be confident no matter their size has been hit with cruel comments about her body.

The TikTok user, therealdiggyb, who's real name is Amanda, went viral earlier this year when one video hit over 3 million views.

In the video she responds to people asking where she got her confidence from, and uses the viral sound "Muma said" over an image of Roz, from Monsters Inc.

Many users loved the joke and praised her for her sense of humour and fun-loving personality.

Whilst she is more then confident and happy in her body, trolls have unfortunately taunted her with cruel comments.

In a later video, the TikTok user wrote: "When you've got more in the front than you have in the back", as she shows off her dance moves.

Again, there were lots of people celebrating her confidence in the comments, but others wrote cruel comments such as "You should take that energy to the gym."

Amanda doesn't take them to heart and she hasn't stopped spreading her positive self-love messages online.

She has also responded in videos to some of the types of cruel comments trolls have left for her, she writes: "When people leave comments about your weight."

She responds with: "Don't take this the wrong way but, I need you to get the hell on out of here."

One user wrote: "That's what the McDonald's workers say when they see you."

Others told Amanda not to listen to the cruel comments.

The creator first started posting content on body confidence on Facebook but had stopped and now posts content on TikTok.

In another video she wrote: "When people tell me that I am overweight."

In the video she plays DoJo Cat's "Why don't you say so" and used the lyrics 'I didn't even notice' on repeat.

Fortunately, comments under the video were overwhelmingly positive as everyone love's Amanda's infectious humour, zest for life and stance on body positivity.

One user wrote: "It's like damn really, I'm so blind, I didn't notice. People suck."

Another user commented: "Since 2012 you've been on social media hyping us up and I've been with you girl!! Get it!"

A third person replied: "Girl you're beautiful!"

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