THE Queen's beloved Balmoral Castle, the site of her sad passing last month at age 96, is filled with historic treasures – some of which have been practically untouched for decades.

New pictures of the monarch in the Scottish castle have revealed that much of the royal home remains unchanged from its past splendour.

King Charles today welcomed Victoria Governor Linda Dessau to the castle, opening its doors to photographers who captured the regal property's magnificence.

From golden antiques to her Majesty's favourite furniture, Balmoral Castle is filled with historic features.

Pictured in the castle's library with Bessau, the governor of the south Australia state of Victoria, Charles stands next to much of the same furniture and antiques that have been seen in decades past.

Included in the historic room is a golden clock on the mantlepiece, vast volumes of books on the bookshelves, and an antique table that remains unmoved for over 40 years.

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Eagle eyed royal fans will also spot one of her Majesty's most prized possessionson the antique table – a ship in a bottle, believed to be of the Royal Yacht Britannia.

A photograph of the Queen and her late husband Philip in the same room from 1972 shows how much of the royal furniture still remains in the exact same place.

While plenty of the room has not been changed, Charles has seemingly made some modifications in his first month as monarch.

One redecoration has been to her Majesty's chairs, which were said to be re-covered and finished in the Queen's preferred skirted style.

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Since the photograph inside the library from 2017, the green chairs appear to have been swapped out for regal red leather armchairs, complete with new cushions.

Also spotted in both the historic and modern photographs are golden running figurines on the mantlepiece and a classic fireplace – although in the recent snaps it appears to be currently filled with an efficient heater rather than a roaring log fire.

Charles, who is also the King of Australia, has been staying in the Scottish castle since his mothers passing as he carries out royal duties.

He welcomed Ms Bessau, who serves as the the monarch’s representative in Victoria, which includes the city of Melbourne, to the residence just a few days after he hosted the prime minister of The Grenadines on Saturday.

The visit came amid fears the chain of Caribbean Islands may ditch the King as their head of state.

Balmoral has a long history of welcoming guests, which include Winston Churchill and US President Dwight D Eisenhower.

Speaking of the regal setting during Charles most recent meeting, interior designer Benji Lewis noted: "There’s a good lot of ambient light going on here, and an understanding of how to make the most of this space.

"Whilst there’s a pendant light fitting in the room, using it has been deliberately overlooked in order to make the room feel more welcoming.

There's an unfussiness to things

"Books are the dominant feature of the room, they seemingly line every wall from floor to ceiling, but it’s good to see they’re not all stacked in a uniform fashion.

"On the contrary the fact of some being stacked on their sides indicate that this is a library that gets used for what it is meant – reading.

He added: "Comfort is king (ha ha) – the footstool tucked in at the far end of the sofa would imply that during downtime, it’s good to literally put your feet up.

"The velvet pile carpet suggests a kind of no nonsense approach was adopted to the décor of the room.

"I’d imagine it was installed a long time ago, chosen not only for its practical colour but also for its reliably tough wear.

"I’d imagine that whilst once the room had floorboards, laying a fitted carpet in here will have helped not only to soften sound but also minimise breezy draughts

"Positioning a small rug in front of the hearth is a wise move, excellent for catching embers that bounce out of the fire beyond the hearth itself to prevent the carpet from getting burnt."

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