SEPT 23 – OCT 23

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Your chart this week mixes wild creativity with practical skills – you’re on course to achieve so much. 

So yes, get that tick list sorted.  But ring fence time in your schedule for simple fun, as party planet Jupiter highlights a success path linked to entertainment. 

Love and luck make a blissful pairing,  a prize of some kind can spark new passion levels. Do call “T” back.

DESTINY DAYS: Choose “S” days to narrow down any set of choices. 

A promise you’re waiting for can come through on Thursday.

LUCKY LINKS: Rainbow-coloured flashing lights.  Food that reminds you of a childhood event.   

A shop with an “X” in its name or address.

RUNE REVELATION: I am casting the rune MANNAZ in your circle, and this offers guidance that a proper framework of preparation and paperwork can be the key to letting feelings flow free. 

For a couple, sitting down together and working out a fair system of cash and responsibility, may seem unromantic – but actually deepens love. 

If you’re single, being honest with yourself about what you need can help you see who is really right for you – yes, this can be someone with links to the law.

Practical discussions between parents and children shouldn’t be delayed any longer.

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