DO you ever find bird poo on your window but still have weeks until your window cleaner's due round?

Well, one man has revealed a quick and easy way to clean them – and all you have to do is flip a latch.

"Right guys, I’ve got some bird poo on the window and I need to clean it but I can’t get my arm out," the Right Guys Review page said in a video on their TikTok page.

"So all you do is open the window fully, and you see those little latches there?

"You press them in, and push them to that side and watch this – it opens right up."

In the video, he pointed out the small latches at the top and bottom of the window frame.

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"Do the top one as well – pull that right open," he continued.

Once he'd done that, he slid the window to the middle so that he was able to get his arm out entirely.

"And there you go – I can clean the bird poo off," he concluded.

"Who knew about that? What a hack!"

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"Your gonna put a lot of window cleaners out of business now," one person commented on the video.

"I learnt this a while ago, changed my life and saved me money," another added.

"Wow so cool," a third wrote.

And someone else commented: "They're called easy-clean-hinges. As an architect, I'm specifying them more and more."

Others insisted that not all windows have the feature, with one writing: "My windows don’t do this."

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"no, I didn't know as my window doesn't have that," another commented.

"not a hack, but a design," a third wrote.

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