ALONG with the warmer weather comes a steady influx of annoying bugs.

But one man has shared a genius hack for keeping all sorts of creepy crawlies away from your windows this summer, and you've probably already got what you need in your garage.

"I did this a year ago," he began his TikTok video.

"Take your WD40, spray it around your windows – it's going to keep the bugs and the spiders away.

"And if you spray it up there on your soffits and under your porch it's going to keep the bees and wasps from making as many nests.

"And no, it's not going to stain anything.

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"That's right, you heard it here first."

People were quick to comment on the amazing hack, with many raving about its success.

"i tried it and yes it works," one wrote.

"I get a wasp nest in the same spot on my porch for years, until I tried this.

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"No wasp nests anymore."

"Every year I get a hornet's nest, tried this last year and NO nests," another added.

"I sprayed around my windows," a third said

"For years I have gotten yellowjackets and wasps going in frames and now nothing, haven’t seen a single one. It works!"

While someone else wrote: "Wd40 and duct tape are the two best things made for the home."

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