WE'RE just over three weeks into lockdown and, we're not exaggerating when we say this, but our home looks like an actual bomb-site right now.

But rather than doing a half-hearted tidy at the end of the day, one savvy mum has revealed the genius way she tricked her kids into cleaning the house from top-to-bottom – and says her home is now the tidiest it's EVER been.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum revealed how she bribed her two children with the promise of a secret "special event" that evening.

Rather than paying them with pocket money, the savvy parent started by listing all the chores they needed to complete to "earn money" for the treat.

For instance, they could earn 20p for making their beds, 50p for washing at least five items in the kitchen and another 50p for mopping the floors.

After they'd completed every chore, the mum then gave her kids a little token with the amount written on it – which they could then use to 'buy' a ticket to Sonic the Hedgehog at the surprise at-home cinema she created for them.

What's more, the mum even decanted popcorn, crisps and sweets into plastic cups for her children to "buy" for a 50p token as a bonus.

Posting pictures detailing every stage of the parenting hack ,the mum added: "Just sharing how cheap and fun this idea was.

"My two oldest have done more cleaning in a day than the last 3 weeks!"

Needless to say, other parents are now lining up to try it for themselves.

One replied: "Can I buy a ticket? I love it."

Another added: "Hope you and your kids enjoyed I think it was a great idea and teaches them life skills!"

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