A MOTHER was shocked when her sister asked her to provide the breastmilk for her unborn baby as she didn't want "to get saggy boobs or stretch marks".

She explained that she had previously provided breastmilk for her sister-in-law as she had had a double mastectomy, but didn't want to do the same for her sister as there were no medical reasons for the request.

The mum explained that her sister has now gone "apes***" at her on social media for denying the request.

The bemused woman took to Reddit to ask if she should just give in to her sister's demands to make the peace.

The woman, who had the username airabreastfed, explained that she and her sister-in-law planned to have children around the same time and their babies are only three weeks apart.

She explained that she and her sister-in-law are very close and that a few years ago, her sister-in-law was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

The mum then explained that she had been "leaking" for a while so had collected the excess milk and was planning on donating it to the hospital.

As her sister-in-law was in need of some milk and supplies were short at the hospital she offered her some of her own.

She said: "I had started to collect it and had planned on donating my excess to the hospital.

"When she told me about her situation I offered her some of my oversupply.

"This worked great (I actually still have some left over to give the hospital) and then she shifted to formula when her son was 4 days old."

However, her biological sister is now pregnant and asked her do the same for her newborn "as she doesn't want to get saggy boobs or stretch marks".

The mum said: "I declined because by the time her baby is born I will be back at work and my daughter will be moving onto solids and my job isn't pumping friendly for a variety of reasons."

According to the Reddit user, this didn't go down well with the sister who "went apes***".

The mum said: "[She] put me and [my sister-in-law] on blast on various [social media] platforms for 'deliberately excluding her' and 'wanting to see her baby suffer'."

She rounded off her story with the suggestion: "No amount of explanation calms her down and I'm starting to wonder if I should just do it as her big sister."

Fellow Reddit users jumped to the mum's defence, saying that she didn't have to provide breastmilk for her sister if it wasn't convenient for her to do so.

One said: "Your sister doesn’t have any medical problems where you need to give it to her. It seems you won’t even have any when she has her baby so there’s no point in your sister doing this."

Another said: "Who wants to be the one to tell her her boobs will get enormous, rock hard and filled with milk when the baby is born regardless of whether she goes on to feed the baby?"

Another user agreed: "Your sister doesn’t need your help for any medical reason, she’s simply concerned about the cosmetic aspects. You helped your SIL with a medical issue and you will also be done by the time your sister would need it, and you are not a delivery service. It may be hard, but for the time being ignore your sister and let her anger flame out of its own accord."

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