PARENTS have been desperately sourcing new ways to keep their young ones occupied while in lockdown, with many sharing their tried and tested hacks online. 

So when one mum shared her genius "bingo for sweets" activity, it's not surprising other mums and dads were eager to jump on board the bingo train and introduce the fun game to their entire family.

The clever mum revealed that the simple activity kept her kids entertained for half an hour each game, and having cost her nothing, it's a super affordable activity for any family.

Sharing the idea with members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, she said she'd searched for the game cards on google and printed a few sheets for multiple games.

She also took to Youtube in search of a "bingo caller" and was chuffed when she'd discovered exactly that, and played it through the TV for the course of the game.

Sharing snaps of the clever game, the mum said: "Bingo for sweets, kept them entertained for half hour. Tickets printed from google and used bingo caller on YouTube for the numbers."

With packets of sweets as an incentive to win, no doubt the kids will play round after round until they're all snapped up.

While the game itself costs absolutely nothing to make, there could be a small costs involved in purchasing the sweets.

Instead of sweets, though, you can use anything you have in the house as an incentive so it could mean you don't have to spend anything at all.

Fellow group members were seriously impressed by idea with the post amassing almost 4,000 likes and comments, with many eager to try the game themselves.

Some parents, though, were already on board and shared how they'd used bingo on certain occasions for a bit of family fun.

One person said: " We played easter bingo, my boys loved it but got tad excited when calling lol we also done it so if it ended in a 0 we had to floss and if it was 22 we see who quack the loudest. Was a little noisy but lots of fun lol."

"We did this with our kids news years eve", another woman shared, " I bought loads of lil bits from pound shops n wrapped them all so it was a lucky dip if u won, kids loved it."

While another, reminiscent of her past, said: " My mum used to do this for us when we were kids at the weekend, we absolutely loved it "

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