IT can be difficult to find the perfect summer dress.

But one woman claims to have discovered one, which she loved until it came to trying it on.

At that point, she realised that her big boobs ruined the entire ensemble.

"Having big boobs is literally the most annoying thing in the world," Elenda began her TikTok video.

"This is the dress of my dreams. I've been wanting a dress like this for two summers now and haven't been able to find one that I like.

"And I love this, absolutely love it, but look – look!"

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As she modelled the strappy black number, it was clear to see that her cleavage was far too big to be contained by the ASOS dress.

"That's the annoying thing," she continued.

"It will fit my body but I always have to get a size up and take in the waist because it doesn't fit here.

"I'm so annoyed because it's so pretty!"

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Looking at herself in the mirror, Elenda added: "I feel like I'm going to have to keep it and wait until I get a breast reduction."

She also turned to the side to show how her boobs were literally spilling out of the dress.

"The summer dress of my dreams! #bigchestproblems #bigchest," she captioned her video.

Elenda had also purchased the dress in blue in a size bigger, but insisted she didn't even want to try it on because she was so in love with it in black.

She did though, and said that while it was "pretty", she still wasn't convinced.

She would also have had to take in the waist on the blue one, which still failed to contain her ample cleavage.

People in the comments section were quick to weigh in, with one writing: "Every time something has cups like a dress or bodysuit, I don’t even try."

"everyone always tells me 'you’re so lucky' when i complain about this and i’m like??? do you not hear me??" another commented.

As a third raged: "Literally I’m so SICK of everything not fitting that I love."

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