MATT Willis has opened up about his “amazing” son Ace after he became a victim of cruel trolls when he was pictured wearing a pink crop top.

The former Busted star, 38, and wife Emma, 45, have always deliberately kept the children out of the public eye – they never attend celebrity events and only ever post pictures where their faces are obscured.

And when a photo of Ace, nine, rocking a pink crop top and showing his long blond hair prompted an astonishing response from a small number of social media trolls, whose tiny minds were frazzled by a boy who didn’t conform to gender stereotypes, it completely validated that decision.

Speaking to Fabulous Magazine, Matt said: “Definitely. It 100% did. 

“I don’t read anything – for a good few years now I’ve tried to stay away from that, so I don’t read comments and didn’t know anything was happening [until later]. 

“But it’s funny, he’s just our amazing boy and we don’t think about it in any other way. 

“He’s very musical and creative, he loves to dance, he makes clothes, he’s into fashion and does all of these incredible drawings and artwork that blows my mind. 

“I admire that so much, and the fact he’s so free to express himself is really beautiful. He is who he is and we love him.”

Matt and Emma are also parents to Isabelle and Trixie, now 12 and five.

The three children have different personalities, although Matt sees elements of himself and Emma in each of them.

He’s so free to express himself is really beautiful. He is who he is and we love him

“Isn’t it the weirdest thing seeing yourself in your kids? Isabelle is so much like me it’s terrifying, although she’s naturally talented – I always had to work harder at something to get anywhere near as good as anyone else. 

“She picked up the bass yesterday and was playing something I taught her within an hour, which would have taken me months at her age. 

“We’ve drummed it into her that hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. She’s so bored of me saying that now – but it’s true! She’s got both – if she works hard, she can do anything.”

And Trixie?

“The little one is a maniac. She’s well-behaved and lovely, but she is properly jumping off sofas and s**t and hard to control at times. She is brilliant.”

Three is the magic number for the Willises. Matt is adamant that their family is complete.

“I’m one of three, Emma is too, so it felt right. I don’t want any more. I think we’d be jinxing it if we had more. Occasionally we have our moments but, no. No!”

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