A WOMAN has asked for help on how to get her step-son to move out of her home insisting they have "nothing to talk about" and that he "pays no rent".

The woman named Florida said her husband invited his 27-year-old son to move in with them not long before he sadly passed, and now she can't get him to leave.

Asking advice from Insider's resident columnist Julia Naftulin, the woman revealed that her step-son had moved in so he could get "more formal job training" which he was unable to get where he lived with his mum.

But he was only there for three months before his father tragically passed away, and according to his step-mum,he has "no plans to leave".

The woman said he even had the "opportunity to move in with a roommate" which she was hoping he would take.

But when she asked him about it, he insisted they "wouldn't be compatible" so he turned it down.

She went on to say that money wasn't as issue as, despite only having a "low-paying job", he has "considerable savings" and is "extremely frugal".

"He pays no rent, and only recently have I told him to buy his own food and toiletries," she explained.

"We don't like any of the same things and have nothing to talk about together. I feel like an alien in my own home."

Florida was advised to be firm yet compassionate when approaching the topic with her step-son, who is clearly grieving the loss of his father as well.

Setting boundaries and being open were also recommended, with Florida being advised to "approach him from a levelheaded place."

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