SPROUT-loving Ann Rigby shed 5st by swapping chocolate for a kilo of the greens a day.

The nurse, 59, used to binge on six family-size bars or bags of Revels.

But she switched to leafy veg on a diet consultant’s advice — and now eats sprouts first thing and munches bowls of them in front of the TV.

She can eat up to 50 in a day and even avoids the windy side effects, saying: “If you eat plenty of greens you don’t suffer anything embarrassing!”

Ann says she was a chubby teen, then comfort ate to 15st 8lb and size 22 — partly due to the stress of her job working with mental health patients.

She decided to try the Cambridge one-to-one diet to keep up with her granddaughters, Courtney, 12, and Cherie, five.

Consultant Cheryl Brown, who lost 7½st on the diet, gave Ann advice which included plenty of green veg plus replacement bars and shakes.

Ann, of Corby, Northants, is now a trim 10st 8lb.

She said: “I used to dream of Revels. Now I wake and fancy sprouts.”

Ann's top tips

  • BUY fresh sprouts as they’re firmer — and cook with salt and pepper.
  • WATCH out for low stocks at Christmas. Frozen ones aren’t the same.
  • THEY are delicious with mint sauce.

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