FEB 19 – MAR 20

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When you stop letting external plans and habits dictate your personal health path, so much can change.

And you take control of fitness. But beware of a Mars-fuelled sudden leap into a new activity – pace yourself.

Later in the week, love is looking for a forever home, and ready to make compromises.

Yes, this time the future can break free from the past.

DESTINY DAYS: Make money dates work for you on Monday and Tuesday.  Try a skills test again on Friday.  Meet a Sunday deadline.

LUCKY LINKS: A round table with square chairs.  Outdoor food served
inside. A writing contest linked to childhood memories.

ECLIPSE ENERGY: You’re ready to look long and hard at your work-life
balance and make adjustments.  This can end a time of feeling pulled in
too many directions.  Deep down, you know you want more security, and
less uncertainty – recent times have intensified this.  Now your chart
puts you in charge, and when you make the choice to prioritise personal
over public, and really appreciate what you already have,  new rewards
and opportunities can flow towards you.  An address with a work space
attached could be part of this.

MYSTIC MOTTO: “I know my decisions are right for me”

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