STACEY Solomon is our new tidying idol and wows her millions of fans with her home organisation tips. 

The mum-of-three has gone viral for sharing her quirky tidying hacks on Instagram, and many can be achieved in lockdown with items already lying around the house. 

From upcycling old cans to make stationary pots, to overhauling her cupboards to make them look pristine, no corner of Stacey’s home goes unturned. 

The Essex-based TV personality helpfully shares pictures and videos of her DIY bargain projects, so fans can copy if they are on a budget. 

During the coronavirus outbreak, her tips have increased due to spending more time at home with her family and tackling her pad. 

Here are some of Stacey’s best ideas for decluttering your home…

Puts a cake stand on a lazy Susan in cupboards to store cans

The mum-of-three has revealed how she keeps things organised – by putting a cake stand on top of a lazy Susan.

Posting on her Instagram stories, the Loose Women panellist showed herself doing her "refill hour".

Stacey said: "Re filling the tins. This contraption is just a cake stand on top of a lazy Susan.

"It really helps me see all the tins and fits in this weird corner cupboard."

Stores cloths and snacks using clips on rails

Some of her storage hacks even threaten to eclipse her pal, the queen of clean Sophie 'Mrs Hinch' Hinchcliffe.

Stacey unveiled her recent DIY fix – a curtain rail that she attaches bags of light snacks to, arranged by colour.

She giggled: "Honestly I just say here cracking up at myself for how happy this has made me. Why do I love it so much?"

A similar idea was on display in her bathroom storage unit, where five flannels, three sponges and a brush were suspended from clips.

Jeans neatly folded in rows

Over in the bedroom, her jeans are filed neatly in a drawer, which unusually seemed to be a task she didn't enjoy so much.

Stacey shared a video of the perfectly-placed clothes, writing: "I hate doing it but I love the feeling afterwards it's so worth it."

Stacey had sorted all 13 pairs of jeans into blue and black, and neatly rolled them up before placing them in rows.

The star also showed off how she had arranged her skirts so she could see at a glance what she owned.

Hooks pots and pans on S hooks

Using tension rods, Stacey hangs her pots and pans on plastic “S” hooks on a rail inside her cupboards. 

This helps to maximise the space inside, and enables you to see what utensils you have from a glance. 

Alternatively, you can take a leaf out of Stacey’s pal Mrs Hinch’s books and turn your saucepan lids upside down and then sit the pans on top of each other to save space. 

Adds magnets to inside of cupboard doors for utensils

Similarly to how Mrs Hinch uses Poundstretcher rails to store her cleaning supplies in her cupboards, Stacey took this one step further by using the magnets to stick her utensils on the inside of the door.

For utensils such as pizza cutters and can openers, Stacey has attached adhesive magnetic strips to the inside of a cupboard door. 

She said: "I've got magnets with sticky back and I'm lining them up using a spirit level to make sure they're straight before I stick them down."

Made savvy garden shelves using old crates

One of the Loose Women panellist's latest DIY project saw her create savvy garden shelves using old crates, all while baby Rex was enjoying a splash in the pool.

Armed with empty crates and screw hooks, Stacey got to work on manually screwing in the hooks along one of the wood panels.

To hang the new shelves, Stacey used Command stick on hooks rather than drilling holes in the fence.

The savvy mum shared a snap of the completed shelves, which were hung at different heights on the garden fence, with some plants and a candle placed inside to decorate, while garden tools hung from the gold hooks.

Organising messy cupboard with a peg board

The mum-of-three shared snaps of her messy TV cabinet, revealing it was full of her boys’ games and a tangle of wires. 

Stacey revealed she used a peg board to sort out the games and consoles, and despite having to take the doors off the cupboard it fitted perfectly.

She used various accessories to stash all the gear and found one which perfectly fitted the consoles – although she added a piece of cardboard to stop them falling through.

If you don't have an old board lying around, Stacey picked hers up for £2 from Poundland.

Labels up fridge and jars

From dog food and bin bags to tea and coffee, mum-of-three stores everything in her pantry in glass jars which are then categorised using her sister's cursive sticky labels.

She even has all items in her fridge labelled up with the food inside. 

Stacey revealed she also chops her food in boxes in her fridges so save her time cooking during the week.

Created a DIY bird bath and feeder using empty candle pots 

Posting on her stories, the Loose Women panellist said: “While the pickle is asleep and the boys have a break I’m going to make something out of my empty candle pots!

“Left these soaking all night now peeling off the labels. Flying them to an old chopping board we don’t use.”

Armed with four used containers, and a wooden chopping board, Stacey stuck them on with a glue gun before drilling a hole through the board.

She then showed off the finished job, which is perfect for summer and is attached to her garden fence.

Hangs shoes on hooks

Stacey first shared an image of her shoes lined up neatly on the floor in a small space between the wall and what appeared to be a cabinet.

For many people the shoes would already appear to be organised, but the problem-solver took it a step further and followed with a snap showing her DIY shoe hack – and it really is genius.

Stacey had used tension rods and hooks to hang her shoes, and not only did they become neat and organised, but the clever hack now allows her to showcase her impressive shoe-drobe.

The tension rods were positioned in three even rows which allowed four or five pairs of shoes to hang from each row.

To hang the shoes, the clever Stacey used curtain rings that simply hook onto the back of the shoe – it couldn't be more simple, really.

Made an old colander into a beautiful hanging plant pot

The celeb mum showed how to turn a basic kitchen item into a beautiful outdoor feature. 

While cleaning out her kitchen cupboards, Stacey discovered she had two very similar items – but only has a use for one, and thought to turn the unused colander into a hanging flower pot.

Stacey took some fake hanging vines she already had and mixed them with a bunch of daffodils to make a colourful flower arrangement.

She then placed the arrangement inside the colander and attached an old metal chain which she'd secured using safety pins.

Jewellery in plastic compartments

Stacey’s treasure trove of jewellery is also perfectly organised, with a drawer containing plastic compartments for each variety.

The storage system helps to separate out the different types and show her from a glance what she has to wear. 

It can also help to prevent damage or dust, if placed inside a drawer. 

Put bathroom toiletries in baskets

Stacey shared a ‘before’ snap of a cabinet filled with dozens of products hastily-arranged together and several rolls of toilet paper.

She then posted an ‘after’ picture showing the amazing makeover, which saw everything now neatly arranged.

She achieved this using baskets that are typically designed for her kitchen, but look great in her bathroom. 

If you don’t have any spare baskets lying around, you can pick up Stacey’s exact one for £4.50 from Ikea. 

Turned an old watering can into a light display

Instead of chucking away an old watering can, Stacey decided to give it a new lease of life.

She added an old pair of battery powered fairy lights inside, and then attached the can to her fence, dangling over her flowers. 

At night, she turned on the lights to reveal the beautiful display she had made for free. 

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