The fashion landscape is embellished with landmines primed to explode vainglorious attempts at sounding cool. Stumble over Aje (eyj never Ah-jay), Balmain (bal-MAH-n never bell-MAIN) or Hermès (ehr-mez) and you may as well be wearing Tar-jay.

The latest name tripping on the lips of personal shoppers for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez is Danish-born designer Anine Bing. Local stylists have mistakenly whispered about An-een’s cool girl slouchy jeans, oversized blazers and retro sweatshirts since the opening of her Sydney store in 2019 and the volume has been turned up with the Melbourne boutique’s debut this month.

Danish influencer turned designer Anine Bing has opened her second Australian boutique in Melbourne.

An-een-uh will be with us shortly,” Bing’s publicist says with a contrived casual air as we wait for the designer to join the Zoom interview. “Ah, here’s An-een-uh, hello An-een-uh.” Message understood. Landmine averted.

While the correct sound of Bing’s name strives for recognition, her personal style is loud and clear.

“We already had such a loyal community when we launched. It was a much smaller scale but the trust was already there.”

That community rapidly grew to encompass Australian insiders, with support from fellow digital pioneers Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson and their now defunct blog They All Hate Us.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wearing Anine Bing’s Kylin top in Dusseldorf in September, promoting the Invictus Games.Credit:Getty. Supplied

“When we opened our first LA store nine years ago, Tash and Elle were the first Aussie influencers to come in. I was already following them. They would pick up a few pieces, post them, and the audience grew from there.”

“It’s the way she does off-duty cool girl wardrobe essentials that makes the brand a must,” says Ferguson. “It started with a pair of studded black ankles boots and a black leather jacket that were the pieces you had to have. Anine is just understated cool at its finest.”

Ferguson’s pronunciation of Anine is perfect.

Despite her Danish heritage, Swedish childhood and LA home base, Bing’s aesthetic is frequently cited as an example of Parisian chic, but the designer finds that limiting.

“The design is international because it’s always the same woman in mind. It’s a bit laidback. The Parisian customer will wear it their way, perhaps a bit more polished. The customer in Sydney and Melbourne will make it their own.”

Even Bing’s muses have enduring international appeal.

“I love Kate Moss, Jane Birkin and the Rolling Stones,” Bing says. “It has to have that vintage feel. I love vintage and bring that in and add some ladylike Princess Diana style with the big blazers and gold earrings.”

With the business continuing to grow Bing is on the receiving end of advice from investors and experts but remains coolly unfazed. She keeps her personal mantra up her sleeve, literally. A tattoo of the phrase “You know when you know” is hidden beneath the sleeve of her oversized blazer.

“My whole life, I’ve followed my gut instinct,” she says. “When I look at a collection I know what will work. We have incredible experts with spreadsheets that offer advice but I will always gravitate towards certain things. My strength is to follow my gut. I encourage everyone to do that.”

“We should listen to ourselves.”

Another advantage of listening to yourself is not having to worry about the pronunciation.

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