DO you feel lucky? You will if you manage to complete the latest fiendish puzzle to enrage the internet.

Impossibly hidden in this clover-packed backdrop are eight symbols of good luck – from cultures all around the world.

As well as traditional icons of luck like a four-leaf clover and a lucky cat, there are images of luck from further afield.

Norse mythology advises that acorns, also hidden within the puzzle, can shield houses from lightning.

In Germany, ladybirds are associated with good luck and are known as ‘Glueckskaefers’ – which means ‘lucky bugs’.

Elsewhere there is a number 8 figure, a wishbone, jade and a horseshoe to spot among the chaotic scene.


1. Wishbone
2. Number 8
3. 4 leaf clover
4. Acorn
5. Upside down horseshoe
6. Lucky Cat
7. Ladybird
8. Jade  

The puzzle was created by online lotto betting company Lottoland, whose spokesperson said: “Luck is a very mysterious thing – does it really exist?

“Cultures from all over the world put great stock in it, and many people believe it’s possible to be luckier than others.

"Our winners definitely believe that luck was on their side.

“If you can find all eight your luck’s clearly in, and maybe it’s an opportunity to bet on one of the major draws available at Lottoland including the Irish Lotto, Mini Lotto and Lotto Plus.”

Lottoland allows players to bet on the world’s biggest lotteries, with the opportunity to win all the same prizes – including the jackpot.

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