PENISES come in all different shapes and sizes – and no two are the same.

But according to Darren Breen, Managing director of iMEDicare Ltd – a British retailer supplying accessories for erectile dysfunction – each todger falls under one of eight categories.

From a hammer to a pepper or button mushroom, he spoke to Mail Online and shared the main penis shapes he's come across in his 22 years of working in the industry.


Darren notes that men who have a pencil-shaped penis tend to have'long and thin uniform girth with a narrow glans (rounder head of the penis)'.

The expert – who entered the industry in 1996 – goes onto say that while the length can differ from person to person, it's often extremely long and thinner than the average.


If you don't recognise your down below as a "pencil," then perhaps you're a "pepper."

Darren notes that men with this penis shape will find their manhood is 'unusually short (3-4 inches) but exceptionally thick along the entire length.'


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For anyone whose penis falls into this category, be warned – you'll never look at an ice cream cone in the same way aagain.

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According to Darren, men who identify with this penis shape may encounter some problems along the way.

He points out that the "cone" typically features a linear narrowing of the shaft to a pencil tip.

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This can occasionally be associated with 'phimosis' –  a condition where the foreskin is too tight and won't pull back – which can prevent the penis head from expanding.



Is your penis curved to the left or right? If yes, chances are you're penis is classified as a "banana" shape.

Darren notes that you could've either been born with a penis curve or developed the shape as a result of an injury.

He goes onto reference peyronie's disease – a connective tissue disorder of the penis which sees scar tissue developing after an injury which can lead to "lateral deformity or an hour-glass shape."

This condition will reportedly impact 7% of men in their life.


It may be a handy tool you have around the house for your next DIY project, but Darren says "the hammer" is also the name of a possible penis shape.

He points out that anyone with this shape will have a slimmer shaft that leads into a much wider head. 

"This is a narrow base widening to a very wide glans – gravity makes it more difficult for this type of erect penis to lift skyward on erection," he says.


Darren explains that the sausage-shaped penis is the most popular of all.

Detailing the typical characteristics of this particular shape of manhood, he says the penis is of average thickness and length and has a "uniform girth along the length and is fairly typical."


If you're penis shape hasn't fallen into any of the above categories mentioned, then you may be a "cucumber."

This penis type is thicker than the average penis (round 5-8in) and tends to be good length, too.


And last but not least is the button mushroom-shaped penis.

Scientists claim this particular shape is an evolutionary design that stems back to the idea of infidelity.

A team of scientists in New York ran a series of experiments to try and discover why the human penis looks the way it does.

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