WHILE most of us mere mortals are binge-watching Netflix or eating our hundredth cake, celebs haven’t been shy in showing off their enviable figures in lockdown.

From bikini pics and sweaty post-workout brags, to underwear shots and naked posts, these stars are treating fans to some unusually candid snaps.

Psychologist and sex and relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr says that since the start of lockdown, she’s noticed people becoming a lot bolder in what they are posting online.

“People who wouldn’t have shared selfies before are now braving them, people who would never have posted in a bikini are doing so,” she explains.

“Lots of my clients who were anxious at the beginning of lockdown are now saying ‘Hey, I’m making the most of this’ and being more daring in everything from the choices they make in the bedroom to the decisions they make at work.

“And this is exactly what we are seeing with celebrities who are choosing to be braver with what they share with fans.”

But what do their new body-baring choices really say about them? From “playful” bikini lovers to cheeky “attention seeking” flashers, here are the new Insta tribes you need to know about.

Bikini babes: ‘Playful and in control’

Members: Reality TV star Ferne McCann, 29, Singer Charli XCX, 27, Little Mix star Jesy Nelson, 28

Dr Pam says: “This group of women, who have chosen to pose in bikinis, want to show that lockdown hasn’t dented their confidence.

“They are not ready to make the step to posting underwear pictures of themselves, but they know that while underwear pictures conjure up images of sex and the bedroom, bikinis scream ‘fun-loving, outdoorsy, and playful’.

“They still want people to admire their figures, but they want to remain in control – during this period of uncertainty – and appeal to both men and women.

“Overall bikini poses have a more playful personality trait with a flirty edge.”

Lingerie lovers: ‘Daring but insecure’

Members: Reality TV star Lauren Goodger, 33, Hollyoaks Actress Chelsee Healey, 31, Reality TV star Chloe Ferry, 24

Dr Pam says: “Going as far as posing in sexy underwear reveals someone is wanting to reveal a lot about their intimate self.

“They are flirting directly with their fans and are inviting them into their bedroom, so to speak.

“This not only shows that they may well be risk takers by nature – it is also suggesting that they might be overcompensating for other feelings.

“While at first you might think that they are super confident, posing sexily in underwear like this can sometimes reveal a need for reassurance and is actually someone with low confidence.

“These women could be frustrated by the situation and lonely in lockdown and craving attention that they know they will get from underwear images.

“They can’t get attention as normal from pap shots, TV show appearances and nights out dressing sexily, so they probably overcompensate with underwear images to try and get that attention they so desperately crave.

“Overall the lingerie shots are about showing a daring and suggestive side.”

Flamboyant flashers: ‘Ultimate attention-seekers’

Members: Reality TV star Louise Thompson, 30, Singer Lily Allen, 34, Strictly dancer Dianne Buswell, 30

Dr Pam says: “These women, stripping off for the camera, are very different to the rest.

“By posing naked they are masking themselves as ‘a bit of fun’ when really it’s probably about ‘look at me!’

“They think these images get the mind racing and deep down they know that people quite naturally will fill in the blanks and imagine them naked.

“It’s one of the ultimate attention-seeking ‘look at what I’ve got’ messages.

“It is way more confident than underwear images, and doesn’t have that same insecurity attached to it, but these women want to show confidence to an extreme level.

“What is also interesting is that many of these images have been taken by someone else, telling people – I’m happy in my relationship, we have a healthy sex life, we are comfortable around each other and we are happy in lockdown.

“These women want to share this with their fans.

“Overall the nude/nearly nude poses reflect strong physical confidence as well as a desire for attention in equal measure. ”

Fitness fashionistas: ‘Craving applause’

Members: Singer Rita Ora, 29, Presenter Mel Sykes, 47, Actor Jessica Alba, 39

Dr Pam says: “By posing in revealing workout kit these celebs are showing that they have a lot of energy and they are motivated individuals.

“They want to put a message out there that they are “carrying on as normal” by working out at home.

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“But while this is partly true, there is also an element of wanting to be applauded – both for their workout efforts and their appearance.

“They want to appear strong – but also sexy – and by posing in workout kit they are achieving this.

“It is showing off but with a bit more control than stripping to a bikini or underwear.

“Overall posing in a revealing gym kit is mainly about showing positive emotional energy and hoping to inspire others.”

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