LET'S be honest – when was the last time you cleaned out the fluff from your tumble dryer? A week ago? A month maybe?

Well if you don't do it regularly, lint can start to build up around the motor – which causes the machine to overheat and poses a huge fire risk.

One woman who knows a little something about this is firefighter Amy Niblett.

Earlier this week, Amy dismantled her mum's old tumble dryer to find an astonishing amount of fluff which had built up over the past 25 years.

Posting on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the firefighter explained how her mum asked to help "de-fluffing" the well-used machine.

She wrote: "I decided to take the casing off my mums 25 year old tumble dryer that she still uses after noticing fluff poking through the seams of the metal! Took me nearly 2 hours!"

But while Amy expected for there to be a small build up of lint hiding in the machine, she didn't expect to find a mountain of fluff lingering around the motor and behind the door.

To avoid fluff from building up in your machine, it's recommended you clean out any lint after every single use – and towels are among the items which shed the most.

Shocked by the sheer amount of fluff she found, Amy shared pictures of the enormous mountain of lint on social media to urge others to check their tumble dryers.

The post racked up over 5,400 "likes" in less than three hours – and other members were desperate to check their machines.

Can tumble-dryers be a fire risk?

  • If you don't regularly clean out the fluff and lint in your tumble dryer, it can pose a fire risk
  • Fluff tends to build up around the motor of the tumble dryer
  • It can also block the machine's air supply
  • When the machine overheats, the motor can melt and catch fire
  • You should clean out the lint from your dryer after every single use
  • Some clothing can also catch fire in the tumble dryer so it's integral you read the washing label beforehand

One replied: "Damn she has a guardian angel looking over her! How that didn't catch fire?! Very lucky lady."

Another added: "Crikey!! That's shocking. Well done you."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Please all check your tumble dryers for this!!! We had a fire because of it, it was awful!"

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