SHE though she was going to call out a bloke for gluing on a fake beard.

But rather than being praised by others for speaking up, the TikTok user Enegl Jean (@enegl_jean) didn't quite get the reaction she was after.

One day, whilst scrolling on the popular social media app, Enegl stumbled upon a video of a man demonstrating how he makes a DIY beard.

In the clip, the anonymous bloke could be seen with some kind of sticky substance below his cheeks.

Looking to zhuzh it up with facial hair, he then proceeded to apply strands of brown hair that he later cut and styled for a more natural beard look.

After trimming and shaping it, the fake beard appeared almost real – and Enegl couldn't believe her eyes.

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Mortified by what she had just seen, the woman claimed she now had trust issues and posted her reaction to the video online.

''Is it me or everyone is having trust issues?'' Enegl wondered, thinking this was completely unacceptable.

But much to her surprise, fellow social media users shared a slighty different opinion and Enegl was soon slammed on TikTok.

It seems that many had an issue with the double standards in Enegl's thinking process, with one writing: ''she's looking at him like that while having makeup on…''

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Another agreed, adding:''Okay but that text could also apply to wearing makeup, wigs, anything.''

A bloke hit back at Enegl, commenting: ''Now you know how we feel.''

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Meanwhile, others were more concerned about looking after the DIY beard, like this person: ''worried for him when is is taking that damm thing off.''

"are u coming bro?" " nah i cant i need to glue down a new beard,'' someone else chuckled.

Speaking of trust issues, one self-titled catfish recently revealed she's the reason men can't trust anyone.

Instagram user Anastasia Shnabel has amassed herself an impressive fanbase of close to a whopping 100,000 followers, with her spectacular skill set leaving many in awe.

Racking up more than 4.7 million likes on TikTok, the Russian-speaking beauty regularly uploads phenomenal transformation videos, which don't go unnoticed by fellow users.

One such video has taken the internet by storm and sees the talented brunette turn into a unrecognisable stunner, with some saying she looked ''fierce'' afterwards.

At the start of the clip, which has received over 722,000 likes so far, the make-up whizz is facing a ring light barefaced, wearing large glasses and with her hair in a sleek bun.

Then, lipsyncing to Billie Eilish, who once said: ''Everyone is going to die and no one is gonna remember you, so… f**k it,'' the beauty tilted her head down before revealing a sensational transformation.

From a plain woman, she suddenly turns into a confident stunner, rocking a glam look with a chic ponytail and a black mesh top.

The amazing glow-up is completed with an intense eye make-up look of precise eyeliner wings, sculpted cheeks, flawless skin, red carpet-ready eyebrows and brown, glossy lips.

In the caption, Anastasia wrote in Russian: ''Whose make-up did you copy?''

The end result left many in awe at how talented she is, with some taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

''HOW FIERCE,'' wrote one fan, whilst a second revealed that they loved the final look.

''I love your content! thank you for showing real, unfiltered skin! you're gorgeous!,'' a third fanatic jumped in.

On another video, someone else seemed to be very impressed with the Before and After, and said: ''I need to learn how to cover up dark circles like you do [shocked emoji] so amazing!''

But whilst many loved the transformation, there were also a few trolls who described the glow-up as the reason they have ''trust issues''.

One demanded: ''Stop changing yr identity [sic].''

Some also thought the end look was not as good as what she had started with.

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