A DANGEROUS snake has been spotted in the bushes of a popular photo circulating the internet.

The serpent, however, couldn't easily be spotted by everyone unless they have a good eye.

St. Petersburg-based photographer Lelia Spb shared the capture.

She took the photo in the Leningrad region of Russia.

The picture showed green foliage, including sticks and leaves in the grass.

Upon further inspection, however, a snake can be seen slithering through the greenery.

The snake is actually a poisonous variety, called a viper.

The optical illusion became part of a series by Lelia.

She took two shots, showing the hidden dangers of the Leningrad forest.

"Hidden dangerous snake," she titled the photo. "Viper in the forest of the Leningrad region."

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Lelia shared the optical illusion and what made the capture so remarkable.

"At first glance, it seems that the photo is only grass," she said.

The grass, however, was the perfect environment for the viper to thrive in descretion.

"In fact, in the grass masked a dangerous poisonous snake – viper," she added.

Vipers are typically not aggressive snakes, choosing environments where they can easily hide away.

However, the snakes are poisonous and potentially deadly.

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