IF you think you have perfect eyesight try to spot this hiding cat in under 20 seconds.

The cheeky feline has decided to camouflage itself in a cluttered living room- can you spot it?

The challenging brainteaser shows a messy living room with several pieces of furniture, lights and flowers.

Even a Christmas tree can be seen in the background.

The room is filled with various objects- and somewhere between them, there is a hiding cat.

And if you manage to see it within 20 seconds you can be certain you have the eyes of a hawk.


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If you are still struggling, try to focus on the centre of the image.

The sneaky cat is actually hiding on the table, behind a chair.

In another tricky optical illusion, a different cat hid in plain sight inside a pharmacy.

The cheeky feline has decided to hide between bottles of vitamins, creams and babies' nappies – but can you spot it?

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And this cat has hidden on a cluttered kitchen counter- can you find it?

TikTok user Lou, known to her followers as AngelsMama16, shared a picture of her kitchen, where a cat has found an interesting place to lounge.

This optical illusion challenges you to find the cat that is hidden among the skyscrapers.

The black and white picture shows rows of black and white tower blocks that are of different shapes and sizes.

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