THERE'S nothing more irritating than being left with stubbly, sore armpits after shaving.

But one woman has shared a video explaining just how to get silky smooth pits – and it's all about the direction of your razor.

Body positivity influencer Millie Clay took to TikTok to reveal her top tips for getting perfect pits, starting with exfoliating.

Next, Millie advises using either shaving cream or conditioner – a generous amount – before getting ready with a new razor.

When it comes to the shave itself, Millie says the best thing is to go downwards with the razor, before going to one side, then the other.

Then, shave upwards and, to finish, use the razor in a backwards and forwards motion.

Once you've got rid of all the hair, apply a sensitive moisturiser, and top that off with some oil.

However, Millie's technique sparked concern among some of the commenters, with one writing: "Is that a hair brush or a razor? jesus, I'm scared how you did that."

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"That’s too aggressive. You could injure yourself," another person wrote.

A third explained that they use the shaving method on their legs, but felt somewhat apprehensive about doing the same on their armpits.

"I do it on my legs and I recon it’s wayyy better. but I’m not tough enough to shave my armpits like that," they wrote.

Millie stressed in the video the importance of a good razor, and added that she's a fan of Estrid blades.

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