Jadon Sancho booked for showing ‘Justice for George Floyd’ T-shirt as he scores hat-trick in Dortmund win over Paderborn – The Sun

ENGLISH striker Jadon Sancho was booked for revealing a "Justice for George Floyd" T-shirt underneath his Borussia Dortmund kit after the first goal of a stunning hat-trick.

Sancho revealed the handwritten message in the 57th minute of Dortmund's Bundesliga match against Paderborn but was handed a yellow card by the referee for removing his playing shirt.

Sancho scored a classy three goals in Dortmund's thumping 6-1 win as he marked his return to the starting line-up – for the first time since the German league restarted – in some style.

Floyd, 46, was an African American man who died on Monday, after cop Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on his neck during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit note, a non-violent crime.

The footage of Floyd, a father, begging for help has gone viral and caused widespread outrage both online and on the streets as mass riots broke out in Minneapolis on Wednesday night.

Protests have since spread across the nation, including to capital Washington D.C. – causing the White House to be placed on lockdown. 

Chauvin, a 44-year-old white man, was arrested and is now facing a third-degree murder charge as well as one for second-degree manslaughter.

Bundesliga Tributes

Sancho is the THIRD Bundesliga player to make a powerful tribute to the late Floyd.

On Saturday, Schalke midfielder Weston McKennie donned a 'Justice For George' armband in his side's 1-0 win over Werder Bremen.

The USA international posted images of him wearing the armband on social media and said: "To be able to use my platform to bring attention to a problem that has been going on to long feels good!!!"

The 22-year-old added: "We have to stand up for what we believe in and I believe that it is time that we are heard! #justiceforgeorgefloyd #saynotoracism."

To be able to use my platform to bring attention to a problem that has been going on to long feels good!!! We have to stand up for what we believe in and I believe that it is time that we are heard! #justiceforgeorgefloyd #saynotoracism

A post shared byWeston McKennie (@west.mckennie) on

Earlier on Sunday, Borussia Monchengladbach ace Marcus Thuram took a knee after scoring in reference to Floyd's tragic death.

Thuram, 22, dropped to one knee in a symbolic gesture to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The son of French World Cup winner Lilian Thuram made the gesture after scoring the first of his two goals in a 4-1 win over Union Berlin.




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SpaceX launch: Flat Earthers rally as Crew Dragon astronauts film Earth from space

SpaceX launched two NASA astronauts into orbit on Saturday, May 31, marking the first crewed flight aboard a private-built spacecraft. Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken blasted off towards the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 8.22pm BST. But as the world celebrated the historic partnership between NASA and SpaceX, many Flat Earth believers took to social media to challenge the launch footage streamed online.

Arguments broke out on Twitter as people on both sides of the debate fought their case.

One person said: “Just imagine if it’s proven now that the Earth is flat people will know by then that this Earth didn’t miraculously came to being with the Big Bang and us living on it by chance, if it’s flat there is a creator there is a God and that’s what they don’t want people to believe.”

The same person also explained the vanishing horizon, saying: “Well what you saw isn’t the curvature it’s just the end of the horizon in our perspectives makes it appear so cause of the vanishing point of our limited view.”

Another Twitter user said: “Dragon is Satan. Dome over flat Earth.”


  • SpaceX Dragon: Watch NASA’s astronauts give a tour of the spacecraft

A third person said: “Nobody seems to pay attention to the declassified documents! Hidden in PLANE sight!

“People are still indoctrinated by their Rockefeller Foundation created curriculums.

“Why do they teach children about space? So you don’t’ question it as an adult! Common sense. The Earth is flat.”

Many conspiracy theorists believe the Earth is flat, gravity can be explained by the Earth flying upwards and the flat planet is enclosed under a dome.

But despite the bizarre tweets aimed at NASA and SpaceX, many people believed the footage caught by SpaceX could finally settle the score.

Dragon is Satan. Dome over flat Earth

Twitter user

One person said: “if you still believe the Earth is flat after the #SpaceX launch you’re a f*** m***.”

Another person said: “Well the flat Earth is over, but it was fun, we had a laugh.

“Fake space is over too, but still we all had a giggle.”

The Crew Dragon reached the International Space Station (ISS), some 252 miles above Earth, at 3.16pm BST.

Black hole blast: NASA captures near light-speed outburst [VIDEO]
UFO sighting: Mysterious orb over secretive US space command base [INSIGHT]
Fireball: Watch a bright meteor light up the skies over Florida [VIDEO]


  • UFO sighting: Mysterious orb spotted in Brazil days after UFO crash

The spacecraft docked to the ISS’ Harmony port as the orbital lab passed over the border of China and Mongolia.

The astronauts were then scheduled to enter the station by 5.45pm BST.

Astronauts Behnken and Hurley joined NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner on the station.

NASA said: “It is the second arrival and autonomous docking to the International Space Station for a Crew Dragon spacecraft and the first time any commercially built spacecraft has delivered astronauts to the orbiting laboratory.

“Known as NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2, the mission is an end-to-end test flight to validate the SpaceX crew transportation system, including launch, in-orbit, docking and landing operations and pave the way for its certification for regular crew flights to the station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

“For operational missions, Crew Dragon will be able to launch as many as four crew members and carry more than 220 pounds of cargo, enabling the expansion of the inhabitants of the space station, increasing the time dedicated to research in the unique microgravity environment, and returning more science back to Earth.”

The NASA astronauts will remain on the space station for up to four months before returning to Earth.

Since the end of the Space Shuttle era in 2011, NASA has relied on Russian Soyuz rockets to send crews into orbit.

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My wife’s old email was hacked and now we’re worried about our bank accounts – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife’s old email account was hacked and we’re now worried that her online bank account and PayPal accounts are no longer secure.

We’re in our mid-70s and not very computer savvy.

We were shocked when several of my wife’s friends got in touch with her, saying they had received a message from her on Facebook asking that they make a charity donation using a link given in the message.

Luckily, nobody fell for it.

I’ve now tried to contact Facebook about this but with no success and we’re worried our security has been compromised.

I’d like her to close her Facebook account but it’s the way she keeps in touch with her friends.

Get in touch with Deidre today

Got a problem?

My team and I are working safely from home but we are here to help you as always.

Send an email to [email protected]

Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays.

You can also send a private message on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page.

Follow me on Twitter @deardeidre.


DEIDRE SAYS: How very worrying for you.

Go to the Facebook Help Centre (facebook.com/help) and you will find advice on how to protect your account under the Privacy & Safety tab (Hacked and Faked Accounts).

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The 100 Exposed Me to a Diverse LGBTQ+ Community and Helped Me Embrace My Own Sexuality

In recent years, people have wanted to see more television that reflects their own lives, as well as the lives of people around them. As a result, LGBTQ+ representation on television has skyrocketed with an explosion in quality and variety, allowing for greater visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.

One such show is The 100. The post-apocalyptic series has always portrayed diverse and outspoken characters, especially women, since its debut. But in season two, the series took character representation to the next level when it introduced two bisexual characters — Clarke and Lexa. The 100 marked such a milestone in LGBTQ+ representation that it helped me discover and come out as bisexual.

In the episode, “Bodyguard of Lies,” Clarke and Lexa share a kiss after a brief argument, and eventually in season three become lovers. And, although those two characters getting together in and of itself wasn’t anything special, the fact that The 100 chose to use sexuality as part of character development rather than as a story device was mind-blowing.

Survival is everything on The 100, but Clarke and Lexa didn’t need each other to survive. That’s why there were no obvious signs that indicated they were LGBTQ+. Because of Hollywood’s portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters being skewed in the past, I often associated LGBTQ+ people with specific traits and characteristics. The 100 helped me to realize that I shouldn’t automatically assume anybody’s sexuality because anybody could be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Seeing Clarke and Lexa also allowed me to become more open-minded about my own sexuality. Until I saw The 100, I never thought I could be bisexual since I never showed any “stereotypical” signs that I thought indicated bisexuality, besides actually liking both girls and guys. My fashion style, interaction with girls, and personality never elicited a presumed “bisexual” message that I thought existed — which opposed traditional female codes ‚ so I thought it was just a phase. The 100 made me realize otherwise.

The 100‘s LGBTQ+ representation also helped to dismantle several inaccurate myths about those within the bisexual community. With so many LGBTQ+ shows only portraying limited representations of the community, countless sexualities and genders are often stereotyped due to the lack of representation and awareness. For the longest time, I internally struggled with whether I was actually bisexual because although I liked both girls and guys, I didn’t have a 50-50 divide on attraction. Clarke and Lexa helped me to realize that this was a misconception about bisexuals.

Because Clarke and Lexa’s sexuality didn’t evolve the plot in any way, but instead made them more realistic and complex characters, there was no larger discussion that confirmed or denied the sexuality of these characters. Neither character explained their sexuality and how it shaped and defined them over the years. Their sexuality was no big deal. Just like how it should be in real life.

By not spending countless episodes explaining or justifying the sexuality of LGBTQ+ characters to normalize them like so many shows do, The 100 reminded me that people’s sexuality only makes up a small aspect of who they are. This realization was huge for me, as I often feared my sexuality would define me if and when I came out as bisexual.

Lastly, The 100 opened up my eyes to the fact that in order for people to view the LGBTQ+ community the same way that the view the straight community, they need to be portrayed on TV as not just a representation of their sexuality, but instead for their experience as complex individuals. If LGBTQ+ characters are seen as special or controversial on television, they’re going to be treated as such in real life. With there being no judgment, self-doubt, or reservations about Clarke and Lexa, The 100 showed me how broken society is for stigmatizing and discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community. Realizing this, I became fueled to advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, even before I fully became a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself. Overall, The 100 has helped me to not only learn about the LGBTQ+ community, but embrace my own sexuality.

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How Surfers Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone Are Riding the Wave

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Say aloha to one of surfing’s sweetest couples!

On the North Shore of Hawaii lies a power couple that is not only catching waves. They’ve caught the attention of pop culture and sports fans alike for their candid social media posts, beautiful family and love for the ocean blue water. 

In case you didn’t already guess, we’re talking about Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone.

This weekend, World Surf League released a short content piece called “Lawn Patrol” that gives a glimpse into the home life of this famous duo.

“We are usually traveling around the world doing contests but since the lockdown, we can’t so they decided to have surfers show their house and the special things about it,” Alana shared with E! News exclusively. “We have a toddler and he’s just running around so it’s hard to keep the house clean.”

That growing toddler named Banks has already shown a love and appreciation for the ocean around him. In fact, one quick look at Alana and Jack’s Instagrams and you may see a boy already following in mom and dad’s footsteps.

“We hope that he wants to surf and we definitely get him on the board and he just plays around but we’re not going to push him or anything,” she shared. “We’re just hoping he sees us having fun so he’ll come along. He’s a whole different kid at the beach. He’s just so happy and never wants to leave. It’s pretty special.”

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

What’s also special is Alana and Jack’s bond in and out of the water. While many days are spent catching waves, the pair also enjoys daytime dates and picnics outside. 

And yes, Jack is guilty of tuning into his leading lady’s favorite reality TV shows.

“I’ll be watching either Vanderpump Rules or Keeping Up With the Kardashians and he’ll pretend to not want to watch it but then he’s fully tuning in,” she joked to us. “I keep up with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. He always gives me so much s–t about my reality TV but I just love them and every time I watch, he’s glued.”

While the couple looks forward to competing again once the sports world resets after the Coronavirus, they also are excited for their upcoming wedding. 

“We were literally planning for the end of this year or the beginning of next year for our wedding. I’m from Kauai and Jack’s from Australia so it was always going to be a destination wedding where we would have it in Australia or Kauai. Now we don’t really know what to do or what’s going to happen in the world. We’re just stalled,” Alana explained to us. “We don’t want to plan anything and we don’t know if people are going to want to travel so it’s really hard.”

One thing that’s certain is Alana’s longtime friend and fellow surfer Bethany Hamilton will be supporting. 

“I get so many young girls being like, ‘Are you still friends with Bethany?’ And I’m always like, ‘Yah totally.’ We literally just talked like two minutes ago,” Alana shared. “We both have busy lives and when we’re together, we’re usually surfing so we’re not taking pictures. We’re super close still. She’s actually going to be in my wedding when it happens.” 

Until then, take a look at some of Alana’s cutest photos with Jack and their son Banks in our gallery below.

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Balancing Act

“If Jack’s competing, I’ll make sure I wake up with Banks. If I’m competing, Jack will step up more and be more on dad duty,” Alana explained to E! News. “It just depends on who is doing what.” 

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Fun in the Sun

“What our type of date looks like @jackfreestone,” Alana shared on Instagram when soaking up the sun with her man. 

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Family of 3

“He’s the best, loving dad you could ever ask for,” Alana shared with E! News when gushing about Jack. “He just cares so much about Banks’ happiness.” 

Article continues below

Alana Blanchard/Instagram


“Salty kisses,” the pro surfer shared with her followers after an afternoon in the ocean blue water. 

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Unbreakable Bond

No matter where work takes the two, they have each other’s backs. 

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Travel Buddies

We promise these two aren’t in the ocean all day, everyday! The couple snapped a photo from a vacation in Lisbon.

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Alana Blanchard/Instagram

Anniversary Smooches

“Happy 8 years baby!!! Still feels like we just started dating even though we have a 2 year old,” Alana wrote on Instagram this past February. “Love you so much, you are my everything.” 

Watch Daily Pop weekdays at 12:30 p.m., only on E!

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Mike Tyson could DIE in comeback fight warns Dillian Whyte and claims 53-year-old’s bout vs Tyson Fury would be ‘silly’ – The Sun

DILLIAN WHYTE has blasted "silly" suggestions that Mike Tyson could challenge Tyson Fury for the heavyweight title during his comeback.

It comes after WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman publicly backed Tyson's proposed comeback and even said he would support the 53-year-old making a run for Fury's belt.

But Whyte – the current mandatory for the famous green and gold belt – hit back at the boxing chief for irresponsibly encouraging Iron Mike to challenge the reigning champion.

He told talkSPORT: “It’s silly. If they can’t sanction a fight with me for three years, why the hell are they going to sanction a fight with a 53-year-old man and a 31-year-old man?

“It makes no sense. That’s silly. Mauricio are I are cool, but it’s a very silly thing to say. He shouldn’t be encouraging it.

“What if he comes back and dies in the ring? What’s going to happen then?

“We’ve already got enough darkness and enough mud thrown on the sport as it is, we don’t need any more.”

Fury, who dethroned Deontay Wilder of the belt in February, claimed he accepted an offer to box Tyson in an exhibition bout, but admitted talks had not materialised.

Mauricio are I are cool, but it’s a very silly thing to say. He shouldn’t be encouraging it. What if he comes back and dies in the ring? What’s going to happen then?


Iron Mike has been training for the last month as he prepares to fight for the first time in 15 years, revealing his return will only be for charity.

And despite the several clips of Tyson rolling back the years on the pads, Whyte fears the reformed Baddest Man on the Planet could "get seriously hurt".

He said: “It’s all good watching someone do a one-minute clip on Instagram.

“Getting back in the ring and fighting 12 three-minute rounds… don’t get me wrong he’s probably still got the power to chin a lot of guys, but at that age your mind tells you stuff when your eyes see stuff but your body won’t allow you to do it.

“You can think you’ve got it and you’re still this and that and you’re going against these young guys.

“We’ve seen it happen time and time again with older guys coming back and fighting for a long time. It’s just like, what’s the point?

“You’re a legend, you’re a living legend. Be that and leave it alone. But we don’t know people’s financial situation, what they’re doing or what they’ve been through.

“He might just feel like he wants to test himself, but there are easier ways to test yourself than coming back and fighting with these young, hungry guys.

“He might get seriously hurt and that’s the biggest worry for me.”

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Colin Kaepernick Is Offering to Pay the Legal Bills of Protestors in Minneapolis

Former NFL star Colin Kaepernick has launched a defense fund to help pay the legal bills of demonstrators who have been arrested in Minneapolis while protesting police brutality in the wake of the killing of 46-year-old George Floyd.

“In fighting for liberation there‘s always retaliation,” he wrote on Twitter. “We must protect our Freedom Fighters.” The Know Your Rights Legal Initiative, a new arm of Kaepernick’s nonprofit Know Your Rights Camp, is working with attorneys in Minneapolis to provide assistance and resources to anybody who needs it.

Kaepernick famously protested police brutality himself in his 2016 season playing as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, by kneeling during the national anthem at football games. He has since described this peaceful protest, which drew criticism from some corners, as “a culmination of years of thought and experiences, of learning and unlearning.” This ultimately brought his professional football career to a premature end, with no NFL teams willing to offer him a contract following the controversy sparked by his protests.

In fighting for liberation there‘s always retaliation. We must protect our Freedom Fighters. We started a legal defense initiative to give legal representation to Freedom Fighters in Minneapolis paid for by @yourrightscamp

For representation or to donate https://t.co/q0pzAObCiG

Protestors in Minneapolis as well as New York City, Los Angeles and other cities were galvanized after footage leaked online of a police officer pressing on George Floyd’s neck, despite Floyd’s repeated assertions that he couldn’t breathe. The incident was the latest in a longstanding historical pattern of so-called “officer-involved deaths” of black men in the United States.

Whether it’s calling your city officials or donating to legal defense funds, here is a list of the ways that you can help demand justice for George Floyd and help protestors.

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Bergkamp blames Wenger’s tactical switch to new formation for Arsenal’s decline during Frenchman’s tenure – The Sun

ARSENAL legend Dennis Bergkamp has blamed Arsene Wenger's tactical switch to abandon his 4-4-2 formation for the club's dramatic decline during the Frenchman’s tenure.

The Dutch striker lifted three Premier League titles in the space of just six years between 1998 and 2004 under the former Monaco manager.

Arriving in north London as a relative unknown, Wenger masterminded 11 major honours during his first decade at the Gunners.

The 70-year-old had Bergkamp in the No.10 role supplying Nicolas Anelka and later Thierry Henry and formed the all-conquering Invincibles side.

However, the latter half of his tenure was decidedly less successful with FA Cup success the only major silverware lifted since 2004.

Many have attributed Arsenal's decline to the financial constraints surrounding their move to the Emirates stadium in 2006, with Wenger himself claiming the club left their soul at Highbury.

Yet Bergkamp has a different theory and points to his old boss' decision to ditch his tried and tested 4-4-2 system as his Invincibles side began to break apart.

Asked by Arsenal stalwart Martin Keown why the situation at the Gunners started turning for the worse, he told the Daily Mail: “Arsene started experimenting.

Arsenal after 2006, there was too much midfield play. There were no players going into attack, and only one striker who was lonely

“Arsenal after 2006, there was too much midfield play.

“There were no players going into attack, and only one striker who was lonely.”

Wenger's switch to the 4-5-1 formation did bring initial success, with Arsenal reaching its first and only Champions League final in 2006 – Bergkamp’s last season with the club.

But Keown agreed with his former teammate's evaluation and admitted the system had been tweaked to suit the emerging Cesc Fabregas.

He said: “With five in midfield, instead of having you there, he had Cesc Fabregas.

“You would start high then drift into midfield.

“Then Wenger reversed it. Then the player started deep and went high, as Fabregas did.

“Many years later, I spoke with a big-name winger at Arsenal. I asked him: ‘Why do you always stay wide?’ Play with freedom. Be instinctive.

“That’s what the boss wants.”

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Atletico Madrid star Kieran Trippier slams old club Tottenham for forcing him to delay groin surgery – The Sun

KIERAN TRIPPIER has hit out at Tottenham for delaying surgery on an injury that left him "struggling for months".

In January, the Atletico Madrid right-back sat out several weeks of action after undergoing a groin operaiton that he believes was well overdue.

Trippier told the Mirror: "I certainly feel I am a better player than I was last season at Tottenham.

"Last season was a difficult moment because I was struggling with injuries. It is not an excuse because I was not hiding about it.

"But I struggled for months with my groin and pelvis and I eventually had surgery just after the winter break in Spain in January.

"Because of the timing of the break and the operation I was only out for a few weeks and now I feel so much better.

"I should have had it last season at Spurs but people didn’t want me to have it then. I had so many issues with the last season there and about the way I performed and struggled with injuries.

"It got to a point where I had to have surgery this season and really I should have had it done last season.

"But there were so many important games… I don’t really want to go into it."

Atletico won only one of the six games Trippier missed at the start of the year, including a derby defeat to Real Madrid and their Copa del Rey exit at the hands of third-tier Cultural Leonesa.

Since signing for £20million last summer, the defender has been a regular in Diego Simeone's side and earned a recall to the England setup.

SunSport understand several Premier League teams are considering a bid to bring him home.

Burnley are one side considering an audacious bid with a price tag of £20m set for the 29-year-old.

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The Surprising Reasons A Biking Boom Is Great For Cities

Bikes are booming ― so much so that there’s currently a bicycle shortage in the U.S. as block-long lines stretch outside bike stores.

COVID-19 has drastically changed not only how much we travel but how we get around. With people looking to get out of the house while avoiding public transit, bicycles are suddenly an enticing choice. They promise speed, freedom and fresh air on newly quiet streets. Sales of bikes in the U.S. in March were nearly double what they were the previous year, and according to Eco-Counter, a cycling analysis company, biking levels in the western United States increased by 253% in late April.

As these new cyclists take to the streets, many are finding a world very different from pre-pandemic times, with pop-up bike lanes, expanded pedestrian spaces and roads closed to vehicles.

Last month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that 40 miles of streets would be opened for socially distanced recreation, with plans to eventually expand to 100 miles ― meaning those streets will no longer be through-routes for motor traffic. New bike routes and expanded sidewalks will also be part of the picture. Los Angeles has a new temporary protected bike lane on the busy 7th Street in downtown, along with a handful of “slow streets,” closed to through traffic but still allowing residents to drive in and out.

Other cities are even more ambitious. In Seattle, 20 miles of slow streets will be made permanent, along with new bike lanes and expanded sidewalks. Bringing forward an existing bicycle plan, Oakland temporarily opened 74 miles of streets to walking and biking in April, before extending the program in May, with 75% support from residents.

It’s a trend that’s happening globally. In Montreal, more than 200 miles of biking and walking lanes are being built, more than half of them on a permanent basis, to help businesses reopen with physical distancing measures. Paris and Milan have built temporary bike lanes shadowing metro lines to replace transit trips.

Cycling brings plenty of benefits as our lives shrink during the pandemic. It allows us a form of socially distanced travel and exercise, and there’s a clear environmental advantage to swapping out cars and cabs for an emissions-free bicycle journey. There are also other, less obvious advantages, from boosting local businesses to actually making roads safer for everyone ― cyclists, pedestrians and even drivers.

While drivers tend to see cyclists as an inconvenience ― an obstacle to avoid, an annoyance to get past ― there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that cities with plentiful and safe cycling infrastructure can make roads better for cars.

The Netherlands is a good example. According to a Waze analysis of 38 countries, the northern European nation, famed for its expansive network of cycle paths, has the most satisfying roads for driving. The roads are quieter because people can choose to bike, rather than drive, for shorter trips. And bike lanes make streets more efficient: A bike lane 11.5 feet wide can carry seven times as many people per hour as a motor vehicle lane of the same width. The Dutch also have some of the safest streets in the world.

Evidence from the U.S. shows that where good cycling infrastructure exists, roads are safer for everyone. A review of 13 years of crash data from 12 large American cities between 2000 and 2012 found that bike routes meant fewer fatalities of all road users ― although that only happened with physically protected bike lanes, not painted lanes, which researchers found were actually worse than nothing. Cities with protected bike lanes saw a 44% decrease in road deaths and 50% fewer injuries, the study found.

“What it comes down to,” said Tara Goddard, assistant professor at Texas A&M University, “is everyone is safer when drivers are paying more attention, going slower, and on the lookout or have expectations about seeing other [road] users.”

If there’s a piece of infrastructure that helps slow people down, raises their expectations of seeing other people, or causes them to be less distracted, it makes people safer, Goddard notes. “Bike lanes, especially protected bike lanes, happen to be a way to do one or more of those things at the same time,” she said.

And when roads are safer, people are encouraged to take more environmentally friendly transit options. Alex Engel, program manager at the National Association of City Transportation Officials, puts it simply: “If you’re providing safe places for people to walk, people will walk. If you’re providing safe places for people to bike, people will bike.” More local biking and walking trips can free up transit capacity for essential workers, many of whom have to travel longer distances to work, Engel says.

If the current cycling adaptations in various U.S. cities become permanent, many experts believe they could help forestall a transportation crisis once we emerge from the pandemic. If everyone immediately jumps in their cars when cities reopen, streets could descend into chaos. As Jon Orcutt, former director of transportation policy for New York City and director of Bike NYC, puts it: When a fraction of New Yorkers took to their cars after Hurricane Sandy, there was “epic gridlock,” with “cars running all the way back into the suburbs from Manhattan” as people avoided public transit.

Some may be cynical about the prospects of the cycling boom continuing if and when we return to a more normal pace of life. But while the U.S., with its love of cars, may seem a million miles from someplace like the Netherlands, biking could remain a real option for many trips. U.S. commutes in most large metro areas are less than 10 miles, easily bikeable at a leisurely pace in less than an hour. In eight of the 10 most congested U.S. cities, “last mile” traffic speeds ― that is, the speed of a commuter’s final mile of travel ― are 12 mph or less. Add in bike lanes and electric bikes, which can transport riders at 15.5 mph with ease, and it becomes much easier to switch to two wheels. 

There’s still the question of who takes priority on the roads and whether drivers will be willing to “give up” curbside parking spots or a driving lane, Goddard says. But she believes the community actually gains something from restricting motor traffic space: Narrower roads that require drivers to slow down can reduce weaving and other elements of faster, erratic driving that ultimately delay traffic ― as research from New York confirms.

Businesses can gain too, with evidence suggesting that increasing bike lanes can have positive effects on the local economy. The New York study found that streets with cycling infrastructure saw increased retail sales. Cyclists and pedestrians in Portland, Oregon, spend more per month in stores, bars and restaurants than drivers. A new bike lane in Seattle, replacing 12 street parking spaces, increased retail spend significantly

Pedestrian and cycling space will be similarly valuable as businesses seek to reopen with physical distancing measures. Tampa, Florida, is permitting restaurant seating to expand into streets and curbside parking spots to help those businesses remain financially viable. Many other cities are looking to similar measures.

But if we want to create better streets that serve our economic, health and environmental needs, as the pandemic has starkly illustrated, we can’t forget the most vulnerable among us. This includes minority communities as well as risk-averse populations like women, children and the elderly.

“Infrastructure needs to be more comprehensive across the entire city,” said Lucy Mahoney, walking and cycling network manager for C40 Cities, a collaboration of 96 cities on tackling global warming. This is true, she said, “particularly for areas of lower income and Black and mixed-ethnicity populations.” Those areas often have little biking infrastructure or public transit, and fewer trees to shade the long wait for a bus.

“We’ve had some systemic issues with our transportation systems that have really been opened and magnified by this pandemic,” Engel said. “It’s not new that our streets have poor outcomes in terms of safety. It’s not new that our streets did not provide the best access for a lot of more marginalized groups and people, especially communities of color in the U.S. and other places.” 

Investment in biking infrastructure can improve these outcomes ― but more than that, it can make cities and towns safer, more equitable and more pleasant for all of us, whether we choose to bike or not.

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