Abbie Quinnen and AJ Pritchard discuss their fire accident

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Dancer Abbie Quinnen is currently recovering after suffering from second and third-degree burns after a YouTube trick took a dramatic turn for the worst. The 23-year-old has admitted wanting to “hide away” after being rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

I was adamant that I didn’t want to see him because I didn’t want him to see how ugly I looked.

Abbie Quinnen

Earlier this year, the London born dancer suffered injuries to her face, head, neck, ear and chest and also lost some hair after she attempted to turn a wine bottle into a vase with highly flammable liquid.

However, the viral life hack trick took a turn for the worst, with Abbie facing life-changing injuries.

In a new interview, she has admitted that after the horrific incident, she was worried about what boyfriend AJ, 26, would see when he looked at her.

She went on to admit that after being admitted to the hospital, she refused to allow the former Strictly Come Dancing professional in to see her.

“I definitely did worry about what AJ would see,” she told, before going on to add: “I wouldn’t let him come into the hospital because he was actually allowed to come in and see me I think.”

Abbie continued: “I was adamant that I didn’t want to see him because I didn’t want him to see how ugly I looked.

“I know that sounds terrible but the way I was feeling, I didn’t want to see anyone,

“I just wanted to hide and be by myself.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Abbie said that she felt bad for pushing her boyfriend away as he rallied around her.

She told the programme: “I think I did give him a bit of a hard time for going to work and leaving me, because he was just so incredible and when he was by my side, I felt so reassured that I was OK and taking all the right tablets.

“I was just devastated when he would leave me so I did give him a hard time, which I feel terrible about.”

Abbie had told her boyfriend that following her discharge from the hospital, she refused to return to their London home and insisted that she was going to be with her family.

Despite arguing over the following days, Abbie believed that he could have been “more upset” about the tragic incident, but later admitted that she found him wracked with guilt.

She said: “There was one day when I realised that he had been trying to keep so strong this whole time and he came downstairs and I followed him down and I just saw him on the sofa, hysterically crying, I’d never seen him like that in my whole entire life.

“He didn’t say any words, he kept saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ but he couldn’t even say ‘I’m sorry’ properly – that was the day I knew he had been trying to stay strong for me and he was really hurting inside.”

Earlier this week, Abbie told ITV’s Lorraine that she feared she would never be able to work in the entertainment industry again.

Following the incident, she was inundated with support from celebrities including Claudia Winkleman, whose daughter, Matilda, suffered horrific burns after her Halloween costume became engulfed in flames after catching fire from a candle.

Speaking of the support she received from the Strictly Come Dancing host, she said: “I think talking to Claudia, I just couldn’t believe what her daughter went through.

“I think she went through 14 operations, which is so horrible, I hated having three.”

AJ interjected: “She gave lots of tips and different moisturising creams [to try], you read every pamphlet and everything’s got something different. Just having some actual reassurance you’re doing the right thing, as you always doubt yourself.”

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