‘I’m tired seeing you laughing and cackling, and seeing those holes in the back of your mouth,’ Azealia says, before adding that Khia is always attacking female rappers because they have teeth and can chew their food.

AceShowbizAzealia Banks makes it clear that it’ll be best not to mess around with her. The female emcee has ignited a beef with Khia Shamone after the latter uploaded a video roasting her for shaving her head, and Azealia did not hold back at all when she finally clapped back on Friday, August 21.

In the said video, Khia compared Azealia to “a scarecrow in a field trying to scare the blizzards away” after the “212” rapper documented herself shaving her head. She added, “I guess she’s finally free after she shaved that motherf***ing goddamn head,” before calling the emcee “ugly.”

Not one to remain silent after being roasted like that, Azealia responded through her private Twitter account, “Can we start a petition to buy khia some back morals please. Clearly a fake follower of the orishas doesn’t know a shaved head is a symbol of enlightenment.” She added in a separate tweet, “In addition to wanting to shave the cancerous chemically treated hair from my hair I have a cousin undergoing a chemo therapy. For which I also chose to shave my head in solidarity with her.”

Hitting back on Twitter apparently was not enough for Azealia because she later took to Instagram Stories to give further response, and this time around, she did not hold back in the slightest bit. “Does Khia know her p***y smells just like those rotting pieces of morals she’s holding on for dear life? Any idea what rotting teeth and bleeding gums means for cardiovascular health? When she can escape her repurposed slave quarters 7×7 shack in the south and afford some back morals,” she said.

“Mind your business and mind those back molars. I’m tired seeing you laughing and cackling, and seeing those holes in the back of your mouth,” Azealia added in a separate post, before accusing Khia of getting upset at female rappers because “we have teeth. We can chew our food.”

Khia has responded to Azealia, mocking her back, “Azelia, H** Get Off Suicide Watch Then Come Holla At Me B******hhh,” clearly referring to her previous suicidal message.

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