Piers Morgan jokes about 'reason' Ben Fogle went to Chernobyl

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Ben Fogle, 47, recalled the time he was left slightly embarrassed after his wife Marina, had to dash to the toilet at Prince William and Kate’s wedding in 2011 and was caught in the isle just as the Queen arrived. Ben’s wife and her family have been close friends with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for years, and he spoke about how honoured he was to have had an invite to the wedding of the decade.

I remember my face reddening at that

Ben Fogle

Full of excitement to be there during the historic moment, there was one thing that was at the forefront of the couple’s minds.

Recalling the run up to the big day and the wedding itself in his latest column for the Telegraph, Ben revealed Marina was pregnant with their second child Iona at the time.

“She would be eight months along at the wedding,” he penned.

“What if she went into labour? I had a few sleepless nights worrying about that.”

There was another pressing matter at hand, too.

Having been in Antartica on an expedition when they received the invite, the presenter was in dire need of a new suit to accommodate the 15kg he had lost during the baltic challenge.

“There was a ‘Royal wedding waiting list’ at Savile Row tailor Huntsman,” he remembered.

“I wasn’t the only guest after something new for the big day.”

Managing to find a suit suitable for the Royal Family and the millions who would be watching around the world, Ben’s worries cast back to the pregnancy and if something was to happen during the ceremony.

“We had been asked to arrive at Westminster Abbey early – two hours, I recall,” he continued.

“So early that Marina needed a pregnancy induced wee just before the bride and groom arrived.

“My sisters in law seized the opportunity to join her in a not insignificant dash across the Abbey, getting caught in the aisle just as the Queen arrived.”

He added: “I remember my face reddening at that.”

Luckily Iona arrived a few weeks later, with Ben joking: “[She] had the good grace not to appear at the wedding itself.”

But he remembered it all become a bit too much for heavily pregnant Marina, and she collapsed into a chair as Elton John played the piano.

Thankfully it was nothing serious, and Ben even confessed it was rather “amusing”.

He continued: “It was at this point that Marina had a wobble and collapsed, feeling faint, onto a golden chair in a room full of Royals.

“It was surreal – and quite amusing.

“I held her hand as we walked downstairs to the garden for the most memorable part of the reception.”

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