Brooks Laich isn’t really feeling it.

The retired NHL player, who is self-isolating alone in Idaho, said that his sex drive is negligible right now.

“It’s all Idaho bush, I’m cutting down trees, clearing brush. After that, I took supper and I make a fire and then I’m wiped out, I don’t have a sexual charge, I’m so wiped out,” he explained on his podcast “How Men Think.”

Laich is physically separated from his wife, “Dancing With the Stars” champion Julianne Hough, who is holed up in Los Angeles.

But even Laich, 36, admitted that if they were together, there wouldn’t be that much action in the bedroom.

“I would probably lose my sex drive when stress ramps up, that’s just what I feel in this situation,” he confessed. “During this time, I’m not in the proximity to my wife. I’m not in the same room with her, and with what I’m doing here, that my sex drive wouldn’t be at its peak.”

The former Los Angeles Kings player also nixed the idea of making a quarantine baby.

“That reason is so bad because who knows, it could lift in a month, it could lift in two weeks,’ he explained. “Just because you have nothing else to do right now, that’s not a reason to bring a life into the world.”

He continued: “You can still have sex without having to create a baby. Like, the world is going to come back, the economy is going to open up, travel will open up again … I don’t foresee us being on lockdown for the next four years where it’s like we’ve got nothing else to do, we might as well have a baby.”

The couple wed in 2017 and have been candid about their relationship. Hough, 31, told Women’s Health in August 2019 that she isn’t straight and that the couple had met with a sex therapist to create “erotic blueprints.”

And in an Instagram post heralding 2020, Laich listed his goals which included trips to Croatia and Turkey and hoping to be more “open to all things and present in my relationships,” and wanting to know more “about intimacy and my sexuality.”

Earlier this year the pair had people speculating on the health of their marriage when Hough was spotted without her wedding ring.

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